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Purple Prison (#1 Sponsored Server)

🟪 Purple Prison: The Ultimate Minecraft Prison Experience Since 2014! 🟪 Welcome to Purple Prison! Since our inception in 2014, we've set the standard for Minecraft prison servers. Here's why we stand out among the rest of the servers on this server list, and why joining us is your next great adventure: 🔒 Epic Prison Gameplay: Master our unique prison world, advancing through ranks with our rewarding Prestige System. Every block mined is a step towards greatness. 🛍️ Dynamic Marke
PLAYERS: 414/1000

Becto.net Network - Factions, Skyblock, KitPVP, Creative, Survival

Becto.net is an unique network. You will find custom mobs that drop crate keys, Or fight off amazing boss monsters in mind-blowing battles. A lot of the content on Becto.net is unique and I guarantee you that you have never seen anything like it before! Try it out today!
PLAYERS: 230/1750

y Network | Factions | Prisons | AxePvP

AxifyNetwork is a new server releasing soon with OP factions, OP Prisons, AxePvP, Custom Plugins, Optimised Cannoning, Printer and much much more we are currently looking for staff and for anybody that would like to apply use this link https://forms.gle/AAEg7147btvvRoydA
PLAYERS: 2/2500

MxRoxNetwork | Factions, GTA, Battle Royale, Mini-Games {Gun PVP} {ALL NEW}

Welcome To The MxRox GTA Minecraft GTA! Watch Our Trailer On YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=uInRjJ7Dhns Server Rules: [​MUST-READ] 1. NO CURSING. [​Kick-TempBan] 2. Help out other players that are confused, if our staff aren't online. 3. NO LOGGING OUT IN COMBAT. [​Warning-kick-TempBan-BAN]. 4. Be nice to staff, And respectful to other players. 5. NO TP-KILLING. [​Kick-TempBAN]. 6. NO COMBAT LOGGING. [​3-warnings than TempBan]. 7. NO HACKING [​BAN] -100% Good pr
PLAYERS: 2/1000

Maxgree Factions & PvP

Welcome to Maxgree Community! Factions & PvP (1.8 - 1.19.3) Java server using the latest Intel Xeon CPU, SSD and high-grade DDR4 ECC Memory. Hosted in centrum of Europe! Supported Features: Saber Factions ShopGUI+ AuctionHouse Random Teleport Purchasable Ranks Give aways Vault McMMO 10 Voting Sites 24/7 online & lag free Server IP: mc.maxgree.net Discord: discord.gg/cRbNq8Sh3X Webshop: maxgree.tebex.io/
PLAYERS: 0/200

Beast Factions [Raiding] [PVP] [Griefing]

Welcome to Beast Factions! In the Beast Factions you can expect to find a survival type server with hardcore factions! We allow greifing and raiding of all kinds! Also on Beastfactions we have extremely cheep donator ranks with amazing items in the kits which can be respawned every two days!There is a diversity of people on the server who are always ready for pvp and others who are amazing at building! So come on down and begin your very enjoyable stay at Beast Factions! Our Website: beast

UnitedFactions PVP 100 PLAYERS 24/7, Factions, mcMMO, Economy, Anticheat, B

IP: PLAY.UNITEDFACTIONS.NET  Dear Minecraft community, Player, NPC, entity or Factions player, Bedrock Player, United Factions is one of the best Faction Servers out there, we are back from the past! Join our server again today, United Factions is one of the best Faction Servers out there, we are back from the past! Join our server again today, We try to serve our players the best gaming experience possible on a faction server! We also try to get the best faction players on United
PLAYERS: 0/100

**Realm Of Warfare** [24/7] Factions, PvP, Survival (1.19.3)

IP: Play.RealmOfWarfare.co.uk Welcome to Realm Of Warfare, the home of true Factions PvP Survival. Join us and begin creating your legacy! Start your faction, gather resources, recruit members, and battle out with other factions! Or, if you prefer playing peacefully, that's cool too - just ask one of our staff in-game to change. The server is English-speaking, owned & ran by UK-based staff, and hosted from London, UK. Meaning EU players will have a great connection, although we have many
PLAYERS: 0/1337

OnDeckPVP | Factions | PVP | Fresh Start

OnDeck PVP is the offspring of the server "CorruptPVP' that we ran back in 2012/2013 and had the youtuber "avengeuiwill" shout out and got us temporarily famous. The server went down from DDoS attacks, now we are back online years after with 350 GB/S ddos protection.

Big Dig 24/7 Factions PvP server raids and grief alowed

welcome to our big dig server, join today for a new adventure onto big dig the biggest modpack on the technic launcher, see you soon ip = thegaminglife.nn.pe:25589 when you join we hope you have a great time on the server, build your empire on factions with friends and battle others with what you have, give it your all on our mini games to win prizes, HAVE FUN !! Additional NotesThe gaming life is a diverse server on big dig modpack for everyone to enjoy, visit us today ! and build your empire !

SkyBlock and FactionsPvP - DaddyCraft

DaddyCraft, founded in 2023, is a server bound by destiny to take over the Minecraft Network, Known for innovative approach to Minecraft featuring its popular Minecraft game modes, such as Factions and Skyblock. Griefing were always part of Minecraft’s Origin’s. Daddy Craft is a free-build server in support of raiding and grief. This means be prepared to protect your buildings, and keep an eye on those say you’re in alliance with, you aren't limited in where and what you can build just

☠ REALBUBBAMC ☠ VERSION 2.0! 🏰OLD-SCHOOL Factions📊mcMMO💥Perfect PvP/Raid

Thanks for checking out... ☠️REALBUBBA☠️ ⚔️OLD-SCHOOL FACTIONS⚔️ ~ SERVER IP: realbubba.com ~ ~ Discord link: discord.gg/realbubba ~ MAP 1 START:Jan 27th, 2023 Java 1.8-1.16.4. For the best experience, please use Minecraft version 1.8.8 🏰Factions📊mcMMO 🌟Premium raiding/PvP server🌟 🎯Bounties 💰PlayerShops 🗡️Duels 💥DAILY KOTH⚔️24/7 Outposts ================================================== NEVER BEFORE SEEN FEATURES IN FACTIONS ⚡Massive loot-able PvP arenas⚡ ⛔NO Donator advantages
PLAYERS: 0/420

PrimeCraft Factions PvP [Dungeons] [Economy] [IRL Prizes]

Welcome to PrimeCraft, a Java 1.19 Factions PvP Server with 60+ plugins, 50+ NPC Vendors, massive multi-biome PVP Arena, IRL Rewards & Payouts, and so much more! Griefing & raiding are allowed, so be careful! Guard your items and your base, and be wary who you trust~ Every Saturday & Sunday at 7PM ET we have a drop party in spawn, followed by an EXP boost. Join our Discord: discord.primecraft.us

Ip: McTeams.com |Factions|Economy|Pvp|Survival|FastFood|

IP: Mcteams.com Website: PlayMcTeams.com Loadinggoogle.load('search', '1');google.setOnLoadCallback(function(){var cse = new google.search.CustomSearchControl();cse.draw('cse');}, true); +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ About: Players Can Use Mushroom Soups that Heal an Instant 3.5 Hearts Players Can Catch Any Type of Mob with an Egg, once caught the player gains that mobs Egg There are No Enchantments on this Server! There are Chat Cha
PLAYERS: 0/1000

Cookie-Craft [Factions] [PVP] [Raid] [Casino] [Skyblock]

Server Info: Server IP: Website: http:cookie-craft-mc.enjin.com Version: Minecraft 1.7.4 Plugins: Factions Cash for mobs World Guard World Edit Votifier MCMMO Skyblock Core Protect Chest Shop Economy Casino more Features: Friendly and mature staff! Minimum lag! At least 95% uptime! 247 PVP Active Website and Forums! Well moderated server Donations Admin Shop Factions Community and more!Additional NotesServer Info: Server IP: Website: http:cookie-craf

ShadowXCraft | Factions | SurvivalGames | Kit-PVP | UHC | Survival | Creati

I represent a fantastic, excelling community. We have been public since November 2013, and we are holding strong! ShadowXCraft is a fun, appealing network, featuring: A popular 1.7.2-1.8.8 mildly-competitive KitPVP (with a HUGE variety of unique gametypes: BuildUHC, ComboUHC, Soup, Potion, OverPowered, Parkour and Basic!). Two professionally built Free for All arenas, parties, killstreaks and our very own cosmetic plugin are also featured! A Creative server, supporting 1.7.2-1.10.2 versions! Bui
PLAYERS: 0/200