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Purple Prison (#1 Sponsored Server)

RATED BEST MINECRAFT SERVER 2023 Our server is no doubt one of the best Minecraft servers to ever exist, to show you what we mean, here is a list of things we provide above other servers to show you why we are the best: CUSTOM PLUGINS - MINING TOKENS AND LARGE TOKEN SHOP! FREQUENT DROPPARTIES - EVERY 30 VOTES! CUSTOM RANKUP REWARDS! CRATE KEYS WHICH GIVE RANDOMLY GENERATED LOOT! PLOT SHOPS SO YOU CAN SET UP YOUR OWN IN-GAME SHOP! AMAZING HIT DETECTION AND NO LAGG VERY WELL BALANCED ECONOMY REGUL
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PLAYERS: 528/1000

Becto.net Network - Factions, Skyblock, KitPVP, Creative, Survival

Becto.net is an unique network. You will find custom mobs that drop crate keys, Or fight off amazing boss monsters in mind-blowing battles. A lot of the content on Becto.net is unique and I guarantee you that you have never seen anything like it before! Try it out today!
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PLAYERS: 268/1750


Welcome to CreativeFun! You can build, roleplay and even create your own minigames using your own builds on our server. Our features: - Large 512x512 plots - Advanced WorldEdit commands - Redstone enabled - Create your own minigames using your own builds - Roleplay names - Plot chat - Grief protection IP: play.creativefun.net Website: www.creativefun.net
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PLAYERS: 28/2000

Serenity USA [Creative] [1.5.2] :: mc.oc.tc

Serenity USA IP: mc.oc.tc Forums: SerenityUSA Forums How it works: Application Apply online at our website: http://mc.oc.tc to gain building rights Wait for an admin to approve your application Applications are checked every couple hours Feel free to log on and look around while waiting for application Build a plot Once accepted, claim a plot /plot claim in our plot world Tranquility and get building After completing a plot submit it /plot done for grading by a staff member Only visually
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PLAYERS: 19/150

ParkourCraft Factions | Survival | Minigames | SkyBlock | Creative

ParkourCraft Network List of servers and their respective features: Factions - PvP Factions Server with MCMMO. TnT and FireSpread are disabled. Survival - Hardcore Vanilla PvP. TnT and FireSpread are disabled. Minigames - KitPvP, Spleef, Survival Games, King of the Vines, Sky Wars, Hide and Seek. Skyblock - Skyblock survival with challenges. Creative - 64x64 Plotme plots, contests regularly. Our amazing staff : Click Here Enjoy the server? Give us a diamond and a favorite! If you have any
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PLAYERS: 18/300

Kaboom - Free OP | Anarchy | Creative

Kaboom is more than your regular free OP server for Minecraft. This public multiplayer server combines free OP with anarchy. Use powerful operator commands as much as you like, without having to worry about rules. Fun and useful plugins such as WorldEdit, CommandSpy and PlayerParticles are available at any time.
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AusCraft | Australian Minecraft | Survival / Creative / Events » play.auscr

Join us today! Jump on Discord, sign up to the forums and you'll be welcome to our amazing community!
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CapeCraft - Creative and Friendly Survival

CapeCraft is a server dedicated to keeping Minecraft's core aspect alive. We are a survival server where you'll be encouraged to work, trade and share with other players. CapeCraft is a survival server with No PVP, No Griefing and No Abuse of any type. We try to keep our server family friendly which is why we ask for no swearing and an English only chat on the server. All of our staff are friendly but firm and rule breakers will be swiftly dealt with. The community will thrive and develop into
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🔥 FamilyMC 1.19 Network 🔥 Survival, Creative, SkyBlock, Vanilla Full 1.19

Introducing FamilyMC! A classic 1.19 Survival Towny Minecraft server! FamilyMC is a peaceful 1.19 economy based Survival Towny server, with the sole purpose of providing a fun and unique experience. FamilyMC provides endless enjoyment and content for all players alike. What are you waiting for? Join us today. ──── Features ──── • Custom Enchants • Keep Inventory • Build Competitions • PvP Tournaments • Scrolls • mcMMO • Jobs • Balanced Economy • Player Shops • Player Warps • Pets • Cosmetics •
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World of Keralis | Creative&Survival

This is the Official Website and Minecraft Network of The Famous Youtuber, Keralis, www.youtube.com/keralis. Come Be A Part of Our Epic Community! We Are a Rapidly Growing Minecraft Community, We currently Host A Creative And Survival Server. WoK Creative: - Largest City's in Minecraft and Still Growing. - Not your ordinary creative server, We carefully plan our cities out and keep realism in mind, You won't find Nooby Builds on this server - Hundreds of popular PMC Builds are built on th
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PLAYERS: 6/200

Review For Mutts Creative Server

A server for Builders. This is White-listed but it's white-listed to be creative, not to get on the server. I recommend builders not Fighters. I enjoyed this sever hope to See you There. :)
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PLAYERS: 5/750

Broomstix [SMP] [Semi-Vanilla] [Creative] {FlySundays} {Claims} {Classic} {

A new SMP server, Broomstix, has opened up and we are looking for players so that we can build a friendly community. IP: play.broomstix.net BEDROCK IP: play.broomstix.net (PORT 8008 FOR BEDROCK) Discord server (w/ voice channels): http://discord.broomstix.net/ Online In-game map: https://map.broomstix.net/ Features: - Running with backwards compatibility on the latest Minecraft version, 1.19. - Bedrock and Java cross-play (No Java account required). - Hard difficulty. - Unique land claiming (n
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Reality³ - [1.19.3] Creative/Survival | McMMO & Jobs

Welcome to Reality³ Creative/Survival Server! We're playing 1.19.3 This Paper Survival server has been open since 2014. We are a community-based server with a variety of ranks and constant updates in-game. We also allow bedrock players to join! IMPORTANT INFO: Server IP: Reality3MC.mcserv.fun Bedrock IP Adress: Reality3MC.mcserv.fun:25565 Our Homepage: Enjin Our Facebook: Facebook Our Instagram: Instagram Discord server: Discord Our server has an active discord with game chat directl
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PLAYERS: 2/110

Replay Roleplay & Creative

Hello! Welcome to Replay, a server that seeks to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone. We have features such as custom plugins, custom built maps, and multiple things you can do during your stay. We constantly work to improve and create new content based on YOUR suggestions. Feel free to check us out and we hope you have fun on Replay!
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💎 Prism Party | 1.19.3 | LGBTQ+ SMP/Creative| No Lag | Bedrock & Java supp

Welcome to Prism Party! We are an LGBTQ+ friendly community server offering creative and survival game-modes, regular server events, and more. Join us today! play.prismparty.net [​25565 Java - 19132 Bedrock] Join us on Discord! Other Links Discord DynmapWebsiteRules
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EpicQuestz - Middle-Earth Creative Server

The Build Team The EpicQuestz server is home to the EpicQuestz Build Team. Our principal aim is to recreate locations from Peter Jackson's interpretation of Middle-Earth from Lord of the Rings in a way that is easily available to the Minecraft community. We aim to build in vanilla Minecraft, however, we do build our maps using custom resource packs, which can be found at www.epicquestz.com/resource-packs/ Joining the Server Join the server using the address build.epicquestz.com. Our server off
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