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Purple Prison (#1 Sponsored Server)

🟪 Purple Prison: The Ultimate Minecraft Prison Experience Since 2014! 🟪 Welcome to Purple Prison! Since our inception in 2014, we've set the standard for Minecraft prison servers. Here's why we stand out among the rest of the servers on this server list, and why joining us is your next great adventure: 🔒 Epic Prison Gameplay: Master our unique prison world, advancing through ranks with our rewarding Prestige System. Every block mined is a step towards greatness. 🛍️ Dynamic Marke
PLAYERS: 426/1000

DifferentCraft - Minecraft Towny server - Custom Items + McMMO + Jobs

DifferentCraft is a Minecraft Survival server bursting with custom features, striving to be one of the best Towny servers out there! DifferentCraft runs on a custom built machine which is hosted at a Tier-1 data center to guarantee you the smoothest experience possible! We run a bunch of custom-made plugins so you'll never get bored! You'll find custom items and crafting systems at your fingertips, a rank progression system that grants you new perks while climbing the ranks! Some other things
PLAYERS: 0/120

★★MineRaze★★ ➤1.19 Survival ▎Skyblock ▎McMMO/Jobs ▎ Custom Items ▎ Dungeo

We have both Survival Towny and a new Skyblock realm. We offer many features such as: ❄ Custom Towny ❄ Custom Items ❄ Custom Blocks & Plants ❄ Custom Mobs ❄ Jobs ❄ Dungeons ❄ Spleef ❄ Dance Parties ❄ Friendly Community ❄ Economy ❄ Land Claiming ❄ Player Shops ❄ Auction House ❄ And so much more. Join with: pmc.mineraze.net We hope you will join us and become part of the community!
PLAYERS: 77/300

CastiaMC 1.12 ★ Towny ★ Economy ★ McMMO ★ Jobs

Welcome to Castia! A brand new towny survival server with a player run economy and a ton of exciting features! We have Mythic drops, Mcmmo, jobs, quests and custom plugins to enhance your experience and make sure you'll have a great time playing on the server! We have a custom ranking system allowing you to unlock new features and commands with eah rank and making yourself more powerful! Our features include: Towny, McMMO, MythicDrops, Jobs, Economy, Quests, Survival, PvE, Custom items, Dedic
PLAYERS: 31/350

DutchKingCraft 24/7 Gezelligheid! SkyBlock, Survival met KeepInv, McMMo, Sh

Heey jij daar :D Ben je op zoek naar een leuke, gezellige en stabiele community? Join ons. Wij bestaan al sinds 2011 en bieden een leuke community met eigen minecraft server free to join aan. Onze focus ligt op lekker survivallen zonder zorgen. Dit maken wij mogelijk door de volgende dingen: - Behulpzame, actieve community en staff. Heb je een vraag of is er een probleem? Het is vrijwel altijd op te lossen. - Griefprevention. Je kan al je bouwwerken beschermen tegen die irritante griefertjes.
PLAYERS: 17/32

【MineCove Crossplay】1.19.4 | Survival | No Grief | Family Friendly | McMMO

Join us on Discord! https://discord.minecove.net Join the community at play.minecove.org Survival No grief PVP confined to specific areas Dozens of non-donor ranks for you to earn Cross-Platform Play on your PC! (Java or Bedrock) Play on your console! (Switch, Xbox, PlayStation) Play on your phone! (Apple or Android) Our Policies We strive for fun, fair, and kind play Hostile natures in any form have no place here MineCove was opened in 2012 and will never close We hope to se
PLAYERS: 14/500

CoffeeCraft [SMP] {1.19.4} {Java} {200+ Custom Enchants} {MCMMO} {Crypto Ma

CoffeeCraft is a long-term friendly Custom Survival server! Are you looking for something fresh? Bored with basic survival? You've GOT to check us out! We keep the spirit of Minecraft, but seasoned with features that enhance the entire experience. Gain skills, unique landscapes, custom world generation, 200+ Custom Enchants and so much more. Best of all? CoffeeCraft has a very active and chill community! Want to make some new friends, fast? Give us a try! Features Include: Fresh 1.19.2 WorldCu
PLAYERS: 8/100

Maestrea Fully 1.12.1 Towny server â–ŽMcMMO â–ŽMythicdrops and mobs â–ŽUnique!

Maestrea - Minecraft survival as it was meant to be! SERVER VERSION: ONLY 1.12.1! Come get a parrot! We might be new, but having run servers for a long time, our team knows what we’re doing. Being one of the fastest growing Towny servers with awesome plugins like Towny, Mythic Drops and McMMO, Jobs as well as a ton of custom developed plugins and greatly configured ones as well, to enhance your experience and make sure your time on the server will never be boring. With involved owners and a
PLAYERS: 7/100

1.19.2+ |❗JOZMC❗| Towny | MCMMO🛡️ | Survival🎒 | 500+ Quests🔥 | Jobs💵

JozMC - Towny, MCMMO, Ranks, Jobs, Quests Server Version: 1.19, Java Server IP: play.jozmc.comStore: https://jozmc.tebex.ioDiscord: http://Discord.gg/UbrMRbTeeADynmap: http://play.jozmc.com:8123 Some of the main features our server has to offer includes…Dynmap: A fully interactive live-map of all 3 main worlds, which displays updated versions of the terrain, player movement and what is built. There are multiple views for the map Towny: On JozMC we use the most advanced verison of the towny plugi
PLAYERS: 6/100

[1.19.2] ☄️ [ - JustySurvival - ] ☄️ | Claim Land  | MCMMO 🛡️ | Survival

Season Two (Fresh World) - Released 10/11/22➤ IP: play.justysurvival.com ➤ Discord: discord.gg/jC2mKwQVNF ➤ Website/Store: justysurvival.enjin.com/ A little bit about us Bored of standard Survival? Want to play with a fast growing, friendly community and be accepted no matter what age? Join our brand new fully customised Survival Server today! JustySurvival is a Survival Server Like No Other, with so many custom plugins & active server developments! There is tons to do on our EPIC server! G

TerminaMC.com - The Best Towny Experience! [SMP] [PvP] {Towny} {mcMMO} {1.1

You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you? ... -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Welcome to TerminaMC.com - The Best Towny Experience! (1.19.4)-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ***JOIN NOW, MAP JUST LAUNCHED!*** Welcome Adventurer, to the barren wasteland of Termina, 100 years after the apocalypse that ravaged this world... While you make your journey across Termina, you will find that the entire world around you has been destroyed, leaving nothin
PLAYERS: 3/250

Survival.ac | 1.19.3 | Survival | Grief Protection | Economy | Mcmmo | Fun!

Our server is the place to enjoy the Minecraft survival gamemode. We've made tweaks to the gameplay experience, with some custom enchantments, mcmmo, land claiming, grief rollbacks, and an economy, while still staying true to the core Minecraft survival feel. Join the server by yourself or with some friends, either way you will enjoy it!

MithrilMagic | Towny | MCMMO | Slimefun | Dynmap | Magic

Welcome to MithrilMagic! We are a new 1.18.2 Towny server. We have many plugins including Mcmmo, Brewery, Jobs Reborn, ChestShop, Player Warps, Slimefun 4, Magic, Dynmap, Duels, and many more! Come play with us for a great time building nations, towns, and growing as a community! Lose track of time exploring the map for our fabled underwater fruit trees all while leveling up your magic skills! Create the largest shop on the server or sell you goods on the auction house to become the richest play

[1.16.x-1.18.1] Citybuild [Jobs,Mcmmo,Plots,Claims]✔️OneBlock ✔️ Kreativ [

German server! - Tavariacraft >>Hier unser Trailer<< ---Unsere Besonderheiten--- Neuste Vollversion 1.18.1! Citybuild: Mcmmo: coole und nützliche Features beim Farmen Jobs: Grundvoraussetzung für eine stabile Wirtschaft Shopsystem, NPC Adminshop, einfach zu benutzen! Intelligentes Truhen-Shopsystem für Spieler Bank: Lagere Items, EXP oder dein Geld PIN gesichert in einer Bank ein Plots & Claims: Verhindert griefing und ein leichtes verwalten von Spielerechten Besondere Custom

Simple Factions MC [Cross-Platform] [Mcmmo] [Factions 1.18-1.19] [BETA]

Simple Factions MC is a server with endless possibilities. There are seasons, chest shops, bounty hunter, and griefing to increase the aspect of survival. There are also many new custom enchants for all assortment of weapons, gear, and tools. 150-200 to be exact. There are multiple leaderboards to boast your superiority across the server. I mean.. have you actually seen herobrine? You can here.. - Cyro   Simple Factions is a small but unique server. Featuring all kinds of unique ways to expand
PLAYERS: 1/200

[1.10] Mozartrealms [Factions] [McMMO] [Vampire] [Werewolf]

MozartRealms is a PvP Factions server with a supernatural twist. You join as a human player, but then you have the option of becoming a Vampire. Vampires can run faster, jump higher and see in the dark, but can’t be in the sunlight and are susceptible to being killed by wooden weapons (like a stake through the heart). So make your choice – become a creature of the night and live off the blood of your enemies, or choose the light and arm yourselves to battle against the vampire plague. You can