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Purple Prison (#1 Sponsored Server)

🟪 Purple Prison: The Ultimate Minecraft Prison Experience Since 2014! 🟪 Welcome to Purple Prison! Since our inception in 2014, we've set the standard for Minecraft prison servers. Here is why we stand out among the rest of the servers on this server list, and why joining us is your next great adventure: 🔒 Epic Prison Gameplay: Master our unique prison world, advancing through ranks with our rewarding Prestige System. Every block mined is a step towards greatness. 🛍️ Dynamic M
PLAYERS: 918/1000


Netherite is an innovative, qualitative, and unique Minecraft Network focused on the game modes SMP, Lifesteal, and Skyblock. The network strives towards prospering in every area of the Minecraft space. Our objective is to deliver the most enjoyable gaming experience.
PLAYERS: 1414/2024


Craftadia is a revolutionary Survival experience that focuses on bringing players together unlike ever before! Our server is a grief-free and protected area where anyone and everyone can come online and play with others. We strive to provide a custom experience while maintaining the pure survival gameplay. With every 3 votes on Craftadia, you'll be given a special vote key that you can use to unlock rare and exciting items! We have dungeons, custom shops, land claiming, guilds and so muc
PLAYERS: 74/500

RexKraft Survival | 1.19 | 100 Rankups | Prestige Ranks | Dungeons| Player-

Join our thriving Minecraft survival server, where you'll find a thriving economy, anti-griefing measures, ranks to work towards, custom mobs to fight and explore, challenging dungeons to conquer, and a friendly community of mature and helpful players. With active staff and an engaged owner, there's always something new and exciting happening! Main Feature: Custom Resource Pack - We offer skins to our weapons, armor, & tools that you can earn in-game!In-game Rank System - We have 100 ranks
PLAYERS: 24/100

AstroCraft [Free Ranks]

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ★ AstroCraft ★ ▌PRISON ▌CELLS ▌WARZONE ▌SURVIVAL ▌ The Galaxies of the Unknown to be Known!!! Java IP: play.astrocraft.org Bedrock IP: bd.astrocraft.org __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ AstroCraft Features: PRISON SEASON 8 FULL RESET! COMPLETE REDESIGN! The Hyperion Server is a RPG Prison Progression Serve
PLAYERS: 7/300


TOWNY | RPG CLASSES | CUSTOM BOSSES | QUESTS | EVENTS | MAGIC Medieval Lords is the best and most expansive class-based questing server on the net. With over 30 bosses, a dozen powerful classes each with their own diverse set of skills, and a rich lore begging to be explored, Medieval Lords is adventure aplenty. Also featuring a towny world filled with nations comprised of ambitious towns seeking to declare themselves the finest city, you'll surely find somewhere to call home. Join today to beg

Cherry Blossom SMP || 1.17.1 - 1.19 || Ranks || Towny || mcMMO || Economy |

🌸 Cherry Blossom 🌸 is a family friendly(PG) server that was created to give players a feeling of progression and accomplishment while offering a variety of plugins and commands that enhance the minecraft experience such as /warps, /sethome, /tpa, /rtp, chest/door locks, and /rest. We have constant updates and active staff! We want to be your "home" server where you can relax and enjoy a wonderful survival experience for both java and bedrock players! Simple and effective spawn! You wont find
PLAYERS: 4/150

Dirkocraft SMP - AntiGrief - FreeRanks - McMMO - Boss shops

Dirkocraft offers every Minecraft player a friendly, fun and community driven Minecraft experience. Dirkocraft started back around 2008 and has been going ever since, we see many older players coming and going and we're looking for new players to help us with our new world! If you are looking for a server that is experienced, we have just the place for you! Dirkocraft has a strong community base that is growing daily. If you are looking for something different, give us a try! Server IP: mc.

🐵 Chunky✦Monkey 🐵 Insane Economy 🐵 FREE Ranks and Fly 🐵 God Items 🐵 An

🐒ᴄʜᴜɴᴋʏ ᴍᴏɴᴋᴇʏ ꜱᴍᴘ🐒 We are a month old server geared towards survival with tons of fun expansions! Developed with a group of adults fine-tuning the market months before release, we're excited to show you what we've created! Focused heavily on our server's economy and shop, we bring a unique experience with the ability to turn almost any item into cash, and turn cash into any item! This is a builder's dream! With over 1000 items to buy and sell, you can turn your once useless surpluses in

play.efcraft.net Have fun!! Survival, Creative, Automatic Ranks, Magic, mcM

About us: Welcome to the efCraft Survival server. We try to have a fun friendly environment for players. You can protect your own builds, earn economy in game, make shops to sell things, and just enjoy the server without spending a penny. We offer a rankup path on the server that grants users more permissions for free. These ranks evolve around progression in the game, and helps us build trust to the user. The higher the rank you achieve the more exciting tools you get access too. We have thre


FranksLaboratory 1.13.2Creative Building, Family Friendly, No PVP Experimental Game playThree Real 1:1 Scale Cities (+/-1m accuracy) - Timișoara, Romania - Colodardo Springs, Colorado - Portland, Oregon. Now with height mapping!Featured ProdigyNightClub powered by JukeHostPlot World – New CityZoomland – as seen on Planet MinecraftDynmaps – See all five of our city mapsModern Jobs – get paid for creative buildingMCJukebox audio web clientLogin to our Hub with 1.13.2 or 1.12.2 to reach all our ser
PLAYERS: 1/100

Koinotita Gaming - Awesome SMP [1.19] [Discord] [Ranks]

TL;DR at the bottom for those who don't want to read the entire post! Koinotita Gaming is an online community, originally known as FXGaming, which started off as a server on Garry's Mod. Originally this server was for the community to play on and then it was opened to the public for more players. The phrase 'koinotita' is Greek for community. We are one big community. Like a family. Many players who join and stay have had good things to say about us. Main Features: Discord Server (Chat with p
PLAYERS: 1/100

Chilltown | 1.19 | Survival | Tree Feller | McMMO | Auto Ranks

Welcome to ChillTown! Here you can create your own path through our server, discovering a wide range of content. Our friendly community will be here for you, whether you choose to play alone or to make new friends. We strive for a unique semi-vanilla experience with new content added throughout the server and always more in development. We aspire to offer something for all styles of players, be it building a massive trade network, surviving the expansive world, or tinkering with an intricate re

🍂 Venture MC 🍂 - Survival 1.19.2 [Quests] [Ranks] [Custom Enchants]

IP: play.venture-mc.com Join us for a fun experience you'll never forget! This server offers many great features that our players enjoy endlessly! Our goal is to provide a place you can rely on for Minecraft entertainment at its peak. With a player-based economy at the heart of our server, innovative gameplay, and a thriving community, you would be stupid not to join us! We value community above all else and have cultivated a fun environment and everyone is welcome. Whether you want to chill out
PLAYERS: 1/100

✪ ClownerCraft: A Network for Building ✪ Building-based Ranks | No-PVP Sur

✪ ClownerCraft: A Network for Building ✪ A network with a focus on creativity and building, with family-friendly chat, and several servers to be enjoyed! We aim to be different and to give a safe place to experiment with creativity. ClownerCraft was founded in 2013, and has been running for over 7 years! ✪ Our Servers ✪ ✪ Survival ✪No-PVP, No-Grief Survival server A unique building-based ranks system Economy, with player-run shops Access Custom heads and maps in /tokenshop ✪ Creative ✪Plots
PLAYERS: 1/100

Frostwire Gaming Survival {1.8-1.19}{CUSTOM FOOD}{MCMMO}{CLAIMS}{RANKS}

Have you been looking for a new server? Well im sure this is the place for you! Many people call this server home due to the friendly environment put in place. A caring and compassionate owner is here 12-15 hours a day, and allways ready to help. Much of the community are friends with each-other on discord, this server creates bonds! We do not tolerate harrassement/abuse/or bigotry towards other members, rest assured that you will be taken care of as a member of this server. Features alot of our
PLAYERS: 1/100


WE ARE OPEN! JOIN NOW! IP: STONEHEART.NET StoneHeart is a fresh survival economy server with community at it's core. We add refreshing additions and gameplay improvements to make survival exciting again! We look to create a player ran economy with fairness in mind. No super OP donator ranks, and sane rewards. Integration is important to us as Java & Bedrock players can all join! This all is of course in the attempt to create a niche player base all working together or in competition! Buil
PLAYERS: 1/100

5G Factions - JAVA & BEDROCK Faction Server - Free Ranks & Crates

PRESEASON TOURNAMENT IS NOW LIVE! BEDROCK SUPPORT!! #1 Prize Winners Earn Warrior Rank & ''Preseason Winner Title'' _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Server perks/plugins: MCMMO! Free Flytime! Bounty hunter & Auction house! Free Ranks & Crates! Humble and easy to navigate spawn! Bedrock IP: Bedrock Port: 19132 Are you looking for that classic factions
PLAYERS: 0/100