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Purple Prison (#1 Sponsored Server)

RATED BEST MINECRAFT SERVER 2023 Our server is no doubt one of the best Minecraft servers to ever exist, to show you what we mean, here is a list of things we provide above other servers to show you why we are the best: CUSTOM PLUGINS - MINING TOKENS AND LARGE TOKEN SHOP! FREQUENT DROPPARTIES - EVERY 30 VOTES! CUSTOM RANKUP REWARDS! CRATE KEYS WHICH GIVE RANDOMLY GENERATED LOOT! PLOT SHOPS SO YOU CAN SET UP YOUR OWN IN-GAME SHOP! AMAZING HIT DETECTION AND NO LAGG VERY WELL BALANCED ECONOMY REGUL
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PLAYERS: 576/1000

AusCraft | Australian Minecraft | Survival / Creative / Events » play.auscr

Join us today! Jump on Discord, sign up to the forums and you'll be welcome to our amazing community!
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PLAYERS: 21/22

Provim [1.20 SnapShots] | SURVIVAL | STORY | EVENTS |

🔥Yes, a 1.20 server (not 1.19)🔥 🔥 Hard Mode | Land Claims | Semi-Vanilla | Playtime Ranks | Claims | GroupChats🔥 퐏퐫퐨퐯퐢퐦 - 퐒퐮퐫퐯퐢퐯퐚퐥 & Story Live the ultimate adventure on Provim! Our 퐟퐫퐢퐞퐧퐝퐥퐲 퐜퐨퐦퐦퐮퐧퐢퐭퐲 is a home away from home for gamers looking for the best environment to Survive, Build and go on adventures solo or in a group! Our supportive structure and great members make us the best network for new or experienced players to play! ➡️ 퐕퐚퐧퐢퐥퐥퐚-퐞퐬퐪퐮퐞 퐒퐮퐫퐯퐢퐯퐚퐥 퐒퐌퐏 - The Provim SMP is f
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PLAYERS: 7/100

EdgeGamers Organization [Survival] [Events]

Now Running Minecraft Version 1.16! Server Features Survival We offer fairly Vanilla Survival gameplay, with a few features using Sponge API to enhance and improve player experience! Some Survival features: Grief Prevention - Protect your Property from Griefing! McMMO - Participate in various skills to become the top ranked power player! Shopworld - Make a shop, or browse and buy from other players! Mineworlds - Reset every month, always have fresh worlds to mine resources! EdgeG
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TheFruitBox - 1.19.3 | Java & Bedrock | Survival | Tribes, Custom Events &

TheFruitBox provides Minecraft is it's most basic form. The server is based around complete vanilla gameplay with 100% custom in server events every month developed by the admin. These events don't affect the gameplay and instead utilize vanilla gameplay to have players compete against one another. What we offer: Minecraft (1.19.2) as it is. no drop parties, no kits, no crazy ranks, just classic Minecraft.Complete custom monthly events not seen anywhere else. Champions Tour, Red VS Blue, Holi
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FurryCraft | 1.19.3 | Survival | Community | Events

。☆✼★━━━━━━FurryCraft━━━━━━★✼☆。 ~Survival~Community~Events~Crates~Free~ join our discord: https://www.discord.gg/jxZDdee3VkIP: Java: FurryCraft.net FurryCraft is an International Furry Minecraft Server. Everyone is welcome here! We are a friendly little community on version 1.19.3 Java. All ranks can be obtained for free through playtime, events or ingame money. We offer a variety of features, you can become a citizen of a city or make your own city! rent your own shop in the mall~! there are al
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PvP Kitcloud.mcserver.ws Events JOIN Kitcloud.mcserver.ws JOIN Kitcloud.mcserver.ws JOIN Kitcloud.mcserver.ws JOIN Kitcloud.mcserver.ws JOIN Kitcloud.mcserver.ws JOIN Kitcloud.mcserver.ws JOIN Kitcloud.mcserver.ws JOIN Kitcloud.mcserver.ws JOIN Kitcloud.mcserver.ws JOIN Kitcloud.mcserver.ws JOIN Kitcloud.mcserver.ws JOIN Kitcloud.mcserver.ws JOIN Kitcloud.mcserver.ws JOIN Kitcloud.mcserver.ws JOIN Kitcloud.mcserver.ws JOIN Kitcloud.mcserver.ws JOIN Kitcloud.mcserver.ws J
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1.8 to 1.3 PvP Survivalgames events each week rent a hotel room!

Our server contains pure PVP. we think you should really give us a try and if you find any bugs or got any improvements leave them down below in the comments :)
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PLAYERS: 0/200

Pixel Events

Pixel Events | Welcome (tebex.io) general (discord.com) OBAMA Thx for joining I love you guys this is a youtube event server hosted by Pixel Craft on YTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT PixelCraft - YouTube
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Funny Events

Hosting an event just for fun in minecraft. Please join so we can have fun. Server is cracked. The event is mini-games and other things. Event host is ItsFiloya_YT so do not listen to anyone else telling you to do something. If you die, you go to the jail but every round or two there is a revival round which ItsFiloya_YT will tell you about. Have fun!
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EscapeRestart Network [1.19] | Towny Survival | Creative | Fun Events

EscapeRestart | Creative | SMP | Unique Gamemodes Community Escape Restart is a premier Minecraft Community dating back to 2009, originally being called TheOnes and then Blocktopia. We provide unique Minecraft game servers that aren't revolved around P2W. We currently have a fun but relaxing Towny Survival Server, and a Creative server where you can let your creativity be unleashed, come check them out now! Join us on our forums, discord, or servers and interact with tons of players from all
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PLAYERS: 0/120

🏹FrontierSMP🏹 [1.19] [TOWNY] [RPG] [QUEST] [SKILLS] [JOBS] [EVENTS]

FrontierSMP IP: Play.FrontierSMP.net Overview FrontierSMP is a Towny RPG server, where seasons of content are released constantly to keep the experience fresh. Towny is the main land claim on the server, with every Towny feature also enabled, including Histories, Camps, Wars, and more. You can choose to build a town within the safe zone of 8000 blocks, or choose to build outside in the PvP zone, where there are no griefing and stealing is allowed. Our RPG is based around our seasons, where a ne
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PLAYERS: 0/500


Introducing [​Deadiliest SMP] - A Minecraft Universe Like No Other! Embark on an unforgettable adventure in a boundless world where creativity and camaraderie thrive. Welcome to [​Your SMP Name], the premier survival multiplayer (SMP) server that will take your Minecraft experience to extraordinary heights! Prepare to be enthralled by our unique blend of Infuse mod and thrilling weekly events, where epic prizes await the victorious! Why Choose [​Deadiliest SMP]? Infuse Mod: Immerse yourself i
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Shroom Network | Factions | 1.8-1.20 | McMMO | PVP | Daily Events

Hello Ladies and gents! S2 is now officially out!! The new IP is MC.shroom-network.com. We are still actively updating the server so, join the discord if you want updates they get releaseed. discord.gg/eV4EXabe6a Here’s what new -Beacon Upgrades -New and improved Auto Chat Mod -Player Made Contracts- Hitman/Farming/Any Task & Much More -Event server that contains 8+ events that will be hosted daily/semi-daily on rotation that could win you big -1.8-1.20 Support -Full Reset -Officia
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☚♦☛ Miruth.de ☚♦☛ PVP Server ☚♦☛ Clans ☚♦☛ Events ☚♦☛ und vieles Mehr ☚♦☛

Du langweilst dich? dann schau vorbei, es Gibt Clans PVP Freebuild Freundschaftssystem Kits und vieles Mehr. Wenn du Ideen hast, schreibe sie uns und wir nehmen sie auf! Bei uns wird selbst programmiert, das heisst wir können alles machen was ihr wollt, solange es in Bukkit möglich ist! Um ins Team zu kommen schreibe einfach eine Bewerbung an: KingKong0.1.13 aber denke stets daran, dass du nicht unbedingt aufgenommen wirst, nur weil du dich beworben hast! Ansonsten gibt es nicht viel zu sagen, n
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Blockminers [Freebuild | Survival | Events | Kostenlos]

Server-IP: mc.blockminers.de Website: http://blockminers.de Livemap: http://map.blockminers.de Teamspeak: ts.blockminers.de ♦ Herzlich Willkommen ♦Herzlich Willkommen auf Blockminers. Seit 2013 erfreut sich Blockminers großer Beliebtheit, vor allem beim älteren Publikum (Ü20, Ü30). Auf dem Server erwartet dich die perfekte Freebuild- & Survival-Umgebung, die über die Jahre mit vielen weiteren Möglichkeiten verbessert wurde und so auch hohen Ansprüchen gerecht wird. Für Abwechslung so
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