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Purple Prison (#1 Sponsored Server)

RATED BEST MINECRAFT SERVER 2023 Our server is no doubt one of the best Minecraft servers to ever exist, to show you what we mean, here is a list of things we provide above other servers to show you why we are the best: CUSTOM PLUGINS - MINING TOKENS AND LARGE TOKEN SHOP! FREQUENT DROPPARTIES - EVERY 30 VOTES! CUSTOM RANKUP REWARDS! CRATE KEYS WHICH GIVE RANDOMLY GENERATED LOOT! PLOT SHOPS SO YOU CAN SET UP YOUR OWN IN-GAME SHOP! AMAZING HIT DETECTION AND NO LAGG VERY WELL BALANCED ECONOMY REGUL
43 Votes
PLAYERS: 522/1000

YomNetwork - InfectedRPG DayZ - WarZone PvP

Join the New and growing Yom network! We host a growing number of unique custom gamemodes for you to enjoy for weeks!!! Our most popular server is InfectedRPG DayZ and our newest and fastest growing gamemode is WarZone! We have Infernal Realms gamemode on the way and countless more after that! InfectedRPG DayZ Description: InfectedRPG is a DayZ based survival PvP PvE server with guns and much much more. Your ultimate goal is to survive and thrive starting from nothing and ending up an unstopp
1943 Votes
PLAYERS: 35/750

Wynncraft, The Minecraft MMORPG

Wynncraft is the largest fully-featured MMORPG Minecraft server. No mods required! Join at (IP): play.wynncraft.com Explore a vast and rich world with thousands of other players! Forge your own path! No mods are required to play. Choose between 5 classes and 15 archetypes. Level up, trade on the player market, slay bosses, discover secrets and loot, capture territories with your guildmates, and much more. The choice is yours!
1 Votes
PLAYERS: 1028/2000

Aurelia RPG + SMP | Builders and Chat Mods NEEDED! | Apply without experien

Hello! I am looking for people who want to be builders, chat mods, and test players. What you might build: small towns, ruins, totems decorations around the world, small boss arenas in my new server. Use your imagination! I can explain the world concept and lore to you when you join. My discord is the best way to get hold of me, Loom#5650 Some basic info would be appreciated, your username, age, any experience and what role you may want to have in the server. Beta players are welcome to ch
1 Votes
PLAYERS: 99/100

Minewind RPG Survival

What is the server IP for Minewind RPG Survival?
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PLAYERS: 35/-1

❤️ PrimeCraft  Survival 1.19.3+ 🛡️ MMORPG, Bosses, Economy, Towns, Custom

We are committed to providing a high-quality gameplay experience, with a focus on fairness and balance. Our server is designed to be challenging and engaging, with a variety of game modes and challenges to keep players interested and engaged. IP: mc.primecraft.org Starter Guide: Have Resource Pack Enabled Pick a Class - Choose a class that best fits your play style - Class Options: Mage, Summoner, Shaman - Warrior & Archer Class Weapons can be used by anyone. Class choice does not effe
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PLAYERS: 30/1000

VentureLand RPG

A completely unique open world gamemode - Custom built map - Custom RPG items and loot - Unique weapon system - Leveling and abilities - Bosses and dungeons - Player Housing - Economy and marketplace
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PLAYERS: 16/17

RPG Adventure

What is the server IP for RPG Adventure?
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PLAYERS: 15/16

Wayward Warriors | Warrior Cats RPG

[ Wayward Warriors ] Website: https://www.waywardwarriors.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/waywardwarriors/ Wayward Warriors is a warrior cats fan-project founded by experienced members of the Warrior cats community. With a growing selection of professionally coded plugins and features, Wayward strives to create the most realistic, never-seen-before Warrior Cats experience possible. Come explore our continuously growing community and try our rendition of what it means to be a warrior. Train, t
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Foundation Craft | Survival | Economy | Skills | RPG

Foundation Craft is a new survival and economy server with skills, claimable plots, and endless adventure. Players can create settlements, homes, and markets in the safe and peaceful Frontier world, or may collect resources while exploring the dangerous and uncharted worlds of The Wilderness. Players are able to make friends and build prosperous civilizations while accumulating items, wealth, and real estate in a competitive economy.
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PLAYERS: 6/100

HomesteadCraft [SMP] {2+ Years Old} {No map resets} {21+} {RPG} {Claims} {D

Welcome, Neighbors! Looking for a mature and friendly Minecraft community? HomesteadCraft SMP is an adult-only server that's been public for over two years, and we're excited to welcome you to your new home! Where to Find us: IP: HomesteadCraft.mcserver.us Live Map Discord As an RPG-based server, we've got a unique gameplay experience that's tailored to players who enjoy building, crafting, and exploring. Our community is made up of players from all over the world, and we've got a large numbe
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PLAYERS: 5/420

Avalon: Minecraft MMORPG (Questing, Epic Boss Teamfights, Survival)

server ip: defend.avalon.today Avalon is Under Attack! You are a Guardian. Avalon is under attack, and you have been summoned. But you don't have to fight evil alone... You can join a kingdom, or create your own kingdom and invite others. Will you find all of Avalon's secrets, and conquer the Great Evil? Avalon is an mmoRPG in its purest form. By combining elements from games like Diablo, Skyrim, Destiny, and World of Warcraft, and without messing with the regular mechanics of Minecraft, Avalo
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Najlepszy serwer RPG w polsce metmc.pl

MMo RPG + Miasta!! Customowe Bossy, 3 oddzielne rasy z własnymi miastami osobnymi spawnami i wiele innych lokacje z bosami! Customowe bronie każda ze specjalnymi umiejętnościami a jakby ci było mało możliwość rozwijania własnej postaci! Zwykłe rpg się nie umywa do nas u nas możesz założyć własne miasto zaprosić kolegów i zwojować świat minecraft na serwerze METMC.PL Zapraszamy i powodzenia!
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PLAYERS: 4/400

[1.9 - 1.19] ~~ MetaUnion ~~ [Friendly Community, No Pay2Win, RPG Survival,

You've stumbled across a gem of Minecraft networks, its community is probably one of the most friendly and helpful ones you'll ever find, it's open-minded and mature (though silly sometimes but that's part of being mature). The server is anti pay to win, meaning all you get from donating is a rank that shows in game and nothing else. Donations are only made to support the work put into the server, not to get advantages over others in any way! We offer the following servers: - Survival - Creativ
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🏹 ZeldaCraft 🗡 - RPG Survival - Towny - Skyblock - 1.19.3

Server Address: play.zeldacraft.com Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/P57m9qK - ZeldaCraft is an amazing Legend of Zelda themed minecraft server that has been running strong since May 20th 2012. There is a wonderful community of friendly players and a quality staff team to help out. The staff team have worked together with the community for years to create a community that's fun for fans of all Zelda games or Minecraft in general to play. About Us: - 2 Year Old Map, Plenty of explori
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PLAYERS: 2/200

CraftTale One Piece World RPG Server

•Laughtale is a RPG One Piece Server using the Mine Mine no Mi Mod TO JOIN, GET OUR MODPACK FROM OUR DISCORD SERVER (Curseforge and technic packs available soon, if not already): Discord Server: https://discord.gg/mXVkFgZznC Why you should join? • The Mine Mine no Mi Mod is constantly developing! • Over 15 Active Daily Players. ***CRACKED AND PREMIUM*** CAN JOIN! • No P2W! • Land Claiming • Chest shops (trading stations via Calemi's Utilities) • Player Markets and Stock Market • Fri
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