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Purple Prison (#1 Sponsored Server)

RATED BEST MINECRAFT SERVER 2023 Our server is no doubt one of the best Minecraft servers to ever exist, to show you what we mean, here is a list of things we provide above other servers to show you why we are the best: CUSTOM PLUGINS - MINING TOKENS AND LARGE TOKEN SHOP! FREQUENT DROPPARTIES - EVERY 30 VOTES! CUSTOM RANKUP REWARDS! CRATE KEYS WHICH GIVE RANDOMLY GENERATED LOOT! PLOT SHOPS SO YOU CAN SET UP YOUR OWN IN-GAME SHOP! AMAZING HIT DETECTION AND NO LAGG VERY WELL BALANCED ECONOMY REGUL
42 Votes
PLAYERS: 600/1000

DifferentCraft - Minecraft Towny server - Custom Items + McMMO + Jobs

DifferentCraft is a Minecraft Survival server bursting with custom features, striving to be one of the best Towny servers out there! DifferentCraft runs on a custom built machine which is hosted at a Tier-1 data center to guarantee you the smoothest experience possible! We run a bunch of custom-made plugins so you'll never get bored! You'll find custom items and crafting systems at your fingertips, a rank progression system that grants you new perks while climbing the ranks! Some other things
396 Votes
PLAYERS: 0/120

TerraeMC - Bedrock & Java Compatible Towny Server!

Welcome to TerraeMC! TerraeMC is the ultimate Minecraft server for building your own town, joining a nation, and conquering the world! Our unique gameplay mechanics ensure that you'll never get bored, whether you're exploring, fighting, or creating. Plus, our server is compatible with both Java and Bedrock editions! Join a Friendly Community At TerraeMC, we pride ourselves on our friendly community of players and dedicated staff. You can team up with others to engage in epic battles, make new
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PLAYERS: 11/200

InfiniteMC - Towny Survival Server with Slimefun

Introducing InfiniteMC InfiniteMC is a fun community server, dedicated to providing a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for all sorts of players! We're certain you'll enjoy your time playing with us! Java / Bedrock compatibility Keep inventory Slimefun Towny Player shops / Player warps / Player auctions Casino Free rankups Free daily crates for voting Competitive economy
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PLAYERS: 5/100

TheNodeMC - Towny SMP and Pixelmon Servers

______________________________________________________________ TheNodeMC Minecraft Servers ______________________________________________________________ Welcome to TheNodeMC, where we pride ourselves as striving to be the very best Modded Minecraft community! We are currently running two servers: < * > Pixelmon Reforged < * > Towny SMP 1.16.5 IP: play.thenodemc.com Website: www.thenodemc.com Discord: discord.gg/thenodemc ___________________________________________________________
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HostGhost Towny Server

Welcome to the HostGhost Towny Server! We are a brand new towny server with great plugins and staff. We are always striving to make our server be the best that it can possibly be through. We have a great community just waiting for you to come and be apart of it!. Join today and start your own town or join an ever growing empire! JOIN NOW!!!
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Kaizen Worlds, a Towny MCMMO Survival server

Kaizen Worlds is a 6-year-old survival server for people of all ages. Main features of the server:Towny for player grouping and land claims. MCMMO to level up skills and gain new abilities. shops to earn and spend in-game money. creative plots in a separate world, in case you want to take a break from mining or want to test out a build idea. regular build competitions that can earn you goodies. PVP and raiding ok as you can easily protect yourself inside your town.And much more. Important note
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CrownMC - A Towny Adventure Server

TOWNY | MCMMO | ECONOMY | CUSTOM BOSSES | CUSTOM WEAPONS | SO MUCH MORE! Welcome to CrownMC, a towny adventure server! CrownMC has been closed off to a small group of players for several years, but is now opening up to the public. Our main goal here at CrownMC is to create a fun and co-operative community, while also pushing the limits of Minecraft as a game. CrownMC has an avalanche of customized features; armor sets, weapon models, enchantments, boss mobs, crafting recipes, it's all been turne
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Kings of Towny MC (1.19.3) Towny Server [Economy] [Custom Shops] [Jobs] [Mc

Kings of Towny MC is a new 100% dedicated towny survival server running on 1.19.3 We have a passionate staff that aim to make this the best towny experience out there. 💢 Server IP: play.kingsoftownymc.com 💢 💢 Discord Link: https://discord.gg/R4aE9xWkaw 💢 We are looking for passionate players to come join us and help us test our new server!! Come join us and be involved in the evolution of the server! Early players will get special titles, rewards and items as a thank you for joining u
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New 1.19 Towny Server (Alpha ending soon)

Brand new 1.19 Towny server with weekly updates and daily bug fixes Upcoming features include: Crates, Jobs, McMMO, Custom Fishing, Ranks, Player Tags, and many more
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PLAYERS: 0/1337

lolcraft - Earthly Towny Server

lolcraft - The Earth Map Towny Server Version: 1.16+ IP: craft.lol Website: lolcraft.net Discord: cr.lol/discord Towny Survival Earth Map (1:1000 Scale) Custom Plugins Gold Economy Geopolitical + MORE! Our server is constantly being worked on and improving. We believe in creating a level playing field for everyone, not making a quick buck.
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PLAYERS: 0/200

🌸Azurius Towny Server 🌸

🌸Azurius Towny Survival🌸 We are a small towny survival server with a variety of features. A list of some of our main features is below! Main Features: Towns & Nations Playtime Ranks Brewery Vouchers ValhallaMMO (Including a full RPG Skill system!) Custom Enchantments Custom Fishing TempFly Auction House Jobs Proximity Voice Chat Lottery Quests Particle Trails Elevators Bedrock and Java Support and much more! Come join our server today! IP: play.azurius.us Discord: https://discord.gg/W2Pc
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★★MineRaze★★ ➤1.12 Towny Survival Server with Custom Features!

MineRaze is a towny survival server with a bunch of custom features. We offer a custom ranking system allowing you to unlock new features and perks by ranking up using in-game money. With over 40 custom plugins we strive to be as unique as possible to give you the best and most enjoyable time on our server. Here are some of our main features: • Ranking System • Dungeons • Mob Arena • Towny • McMMO • Jobs • Achievements • Quests • Companions • Events • 200+ custom items We
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GCraft Economy / Survival / Towny Server! [1.17.1] [NEEDS STAFF]

Economy / Survival / Towny Server! -------------------------------------------------------------- GCraft is a new Towny survival server, release on Minecraft 1.17.1. Server IP Address: -=-Server NEEDS STAFF and someone to setup discord server-=- -Apply for Staff here: (Ad link removed) -My Discord: Crumb#0986 -Discord Server: https://discord.gg/fr5d7Mty3P -Owner- -GlennFTW -Co-Owner- -Void_ -Admin(s)- -None Mod(s) -None Developer(s) -None
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Maestrea Fully 1.12.1 Towny server â–ŽMcMMO â–ŽMythicdrops and mobs â–ŽUnique!

Maestrea - Minecraft survival as it was meant to be! SERVER VERSION: ONLY 1.12.1! Come get a parrot! We might be new, but having run servers for a long time, our team knows what we’re doing. Being one of the fastest growing Towny servers with awesome plugins like Towny, Mythic Drops and McMMO, Jobs as well as a ton of custom developed plugins and greatly configured ones as well, to enhance your experience and make sure your time on the server will never be boring. With involved owners and a
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InvictaMC Towny earth map with guns, tanks, planes cannons unique items and more! play.invictamc.net Our server has restarted, the new map is 1:500 scale, the map is nearly empty and new players have a chance of becoming major powers! we have many unique items in the server, and more are added every few weeks, such as custom ores like chromium and opal, with wich you can craft unique items! The community of invictaMC is known for being balanced, power is never in the hands of one empire a
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