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Purple Prison (#1 Sponsored Server)

RATED BEST MINECRAFT SERVER 2023 Our server is no doubt one of the best Minecraft servers to ever exist, to show you what we mean, here is a list of things we provide above other servers to show you why we are the best: CUSTOM PLUGINS - MINING TOKENS AND LARGE TOKEN SHOP! FREQUENT DROPPARTIES - EVERY 30 VOTES! CUSTOM RANKUP REWARDS! CRATE KEYS WHICH GIVE RANDOMLY GENERATED LOOT! PLOT SHOPS SO YOU CAN SET UP YOUR OWN IN-GAME SHOP! AMAZING HIT DETECTION AND NO LAGG VERY WELL BALANCED ECONOMY REGUL
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PLAYERS: 486/1000

Avatar Remastered

We are a Network with several servers and communities for you to join! Towny Avatar - Experience bending just like the Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra shows. Confront a unique Towny experience. Add to your gameplay with enhanced plugins such as Slimefun, Custom Bosses, Fun Chat Reaction Games, Custom Player Shops, Unique Enchants, mcMMO, Bending Kills ranks and much more! Competitive Avatar - Come up against the best of the best in a bending face-off, develop your bending skills
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PLAYERS: 1/1000

Crimson Ingot

Register Now athttp://crimsoningot.net/ You have discovered a unique and exciting Minecraft Roleplay Server experience. Crimson Ingotis an ever changing world - where you become a part of the story. This is truly a PVP RP experience like none other - The fighting is fierce but the Role-playing is also encouraged and truly rewarded - It really is an enjoyable and enriching experience. When you enter the land of Templehelm you will find a land full of Magic, Intrigue, Adventure and Deities! T
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PLAYERS: 1/100

Fallout Of Hopes! Fallout themed survival!

Welcome to the wastes, almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter out here. Fallout of Hopes is a Fallout themed survival server with all the essentials for an RPG experience. We've got Custom Worlds! MCMMO! Marriage! Towny! NPCS! Shops! SpawnerShops! And much, much more! We're constantly furthering and adding to the server to make things a more authentic Fallout experience, developing the server and environment for the better. You'll be able to level up through Mcmmo, and work your way thr
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WAGE Vanilla Minecraft

The official WAGE vanilla Minecraft server. Join our forums to read the rules or just comment on the server and tell us what you think of it. This server is still being developed. -Hosted in South Africa. -Creative -Skyblock -Factions -Hacking is not allowed. -Logblock enabled - No griefing! -McMMO -Economy -No firespread and creeper damage -Active and Friendly admins -No whitelist - Just join and play Join us and have some fun. Additional NotesThe official WAGE vanilla Minecraft server. IP: m
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PLAYERS: 1/300


waffle&sonne minecraft Sunucu Türü: Survival IP: wafflesonne.com Sunucu Sürümü: 1.19.2 Java (1.9+ java ve son surum bedrock girebilir; tlauncher/crack/korsan girebilir) Hakkınızda:kucuk survival sunucusu. arsalara bolunmus duzenli spawni, dukkanlari, ve elmasa endeksli para birimi ile serbest ekonomi deneyimini canlandirir. her haftasonu herkesin tek oldugu kendi itemleriyla girdigi turnuva var Sunucudaki Bazı Sistemler: claim, ekonomi, dukkan, kumarhane, turnuva, arena, pvp (arena disi
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easysurvive.net (1.19.3)

easysurvive.net is a Cross-platform, Survival, Towny and Minigames server where our first priority is making sure our players have the best time possible! CROSS PLATFORM MADE FOR EVERY PLAYER. (Bedrock) port 25565 NO CHAT SPAM FOR PAID PRODUCTS. (We like it that way) NO GAMBLING. NO LOOT CRATE/BOXES EVER. NO SWEARING. ----------KEY FEATURES--------- *Survival *MCMMO *Economy Player And Server Driven *Minigames Such as The Walls And Mob Arenas *Towny, Own And live In a Town *Vampires *Marria
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Good Gaming OP SkyBlock, OP Prison, & More [1.8- 1.16] [Network]

Good Gaming IP: Play.GGMC.Me Supports Minecraft 1.8 - 1.16! Hello everyone and welcome to the Good Gaming Minecraft Server thread! Play.GGMC.Me is a Minecraft network ran by a professional game designer and developer at a public company, with tons of room to grow. The Vision Let's create the greatest games Minecraft has ever seen, on the highest quality servers, with the highest quality staff. No compromises! Let's show the world that non-p2w (not pay 2 win) gameplay is the best gameplay. Le
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PLAYERS: 1/1200


Ein Server, viele Möglichkeiten! Survival / Städte / Wirtschaft / PvP / Creative / Minigames / Events & vieles mehr! seit 2012! Kein Pay2Win! Keine Freischaltung: Einfach joinen und loslegen! Schau vorbei und verschaffe dir deinen Eindruck. Eine Adresse für alles (Server, TS3, Homepage): CultCraft.de Survival Freebuild Du bist der geborene Einzelkämpfer und lebst fernab der Zivilisation in freier Wildbahn? Dann setze noch heute deinen Fuß in unsere atemberaubenden Landschaf
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PLAYERS: 1/120

Legacy of Nations

Legacy of nations is an earth server where you can make your own town, or join someone's town, and expand into a successful empire, there are jobs, mcmmo, siege wars, auction house, chest shops, shop, boats, and much more waiting for you to explore! You can even go to the moon, and make a moon colony! The world size is 1:750, which means every 750km2 is 1 block. Join our world today and build your own country!
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LyonCraft: Lyon College Public Minecraft Server

LyonCraft is SMP hosted by Lyon College and open to the public. No monetization's and no constant chat spam about ranks. Plugins include: Waygates - Player craftable portal networks.Grief Prevention for Land Claim and other protections.Economy and GUI player markets with Markets PluginmcMMO & moreThe player base is mostly college age for a more mature and relaxed environment. Hosted from campus on a reliable, high bandwidth, fiber backbone.
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Dragonia is an online community, which started off as a group of friends just having fun. We created this server for people to play Minecraft within a nice community and feel free to help build up the server alongside our development team! The server is still pretty new and we are looking for active players, staff and builders to help build up our Minecraft community. If you wish to apply for any positions, please apply via our website. Main Features: Australian Based Custom Survival WorldSu
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PLAYERS: 1/100


KOTB-MC is an "Enhanced Vanilla" PVE/PVP survival Minecraft server dedicated to community building and lasting friendships. We currently use Kingdoms, mcMMO, Shops, and MobArena to enhance the survival experience and provide a fun and balanced gameplay experience for all players. Keepers of the Bastion (KOTB) is a small but friendly community of gamers from all over the world with a singular interest, playing together and having fun. We privately host multiple different games including tableto
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OrbisMC.net - [Creative][Survival][Nether][TheEnd][Hardcore][HungerGames][M

OrbisMC is back, and better than ever. We've done a full rebuild and are now re-opening the server to the public! We have 6 worlds available to play on: Creative - Players have creative gamemode and can build whatever they like. Survival - Standard Minecraft SMP with basic commands like /home. PvP Disabled Nether - Extension of the Survival world, but PvP is enabled. TheEnd - Extension of the Survival world, but PvP and Hardcore are enabled. (You are banned from this world af
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PLAYERS: 1/100

Survival | 1.19 | New | Free-to-Play | Non-Profit | Non-Pay-to-Win | Grief

VyrusMC is a NEW 1.19 Survival server. We are a free-to-play, non-profit, and non-pay-to-win Minecraft gaming server. VyrusMC is a community-driven server run by the players with active staff made up of our players. We have MCMMO, jobs, crates, rank upgrades based on votes, player warps, a token and money economy, and kits for each rank up. This is great for casual and even hardcore survival and PvE Minecraft Players.
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Gamers Playground

Java and Bedrock 헰헿헼혀혀-헽헹헮혁헳헼헿헺 JAVA: 헽헹헮혆.헴헽-헺헰.헻헲혁 BEDROCK (PE/W10): 헯헲헱헿헼헰헸.헴헽-헺헰.헻헲혁 and port: 19132  - Free ranks as rewards for leveling up (Network wide) - We don't accept MONEY from our players (NOT PAY-to-WIN) - Small community, we are all friends here ⚒️ | NEW [​1.18.1] Vanilla Survival no plugins, no claims, no teleports, NO HACKING UPGRADED [​1.18.1] Axolotl Survival [​Dynamic Economy] AMPLIFIED world, Jobs, Quests, Claims, mcMMO and more! UPGRADED [​1.18.1] Kevin Survival Purist
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PLAYERS: 1/1000