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Address: mc.raidworld.eu Owner: MrMel0nhead Last ping: 3 minutes ago Last sucessfull ping: 3 minutes ago Uptime this month: 99.6% Version: 1.16.1
Website: http://www.raidworld.eu

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Raidworld! mc.raidworld.eu About the server Raidworld is a lag-free survival server with a 99% 24/7 uptime. The main plugin's are Factions, McMMO and OnTime. OnTime is used for the rank system, which is literally based on your on-time. Every weekend are other events, like a Paintball-Event or a Spleef-Event. The rank system We have 4 different ranks, which you can upgrade through your OnTime. When you join the server for the first time, you are [New]. After 2 hour OnTime you get [Beg] (beginner). Then with an OnTime of 3 days you will be [Adv] (advanced) and after 14 days [Pro]. Each rank has a different kit, which you can get daily! In addition you get more and more permissions to make life easier. The events We have much different plugins which are used for the events, but there are some custom events too. For example we invented the "Sandbox", which is basically a world filled with sand, villager and pyramids. The special thing is, that pvp is enabled! There is very much loot to get and people can dig deep crater to trap other players. Every event has its own custom built world by our designers! For more details visit our website and social media stuff: Website: raidworld.eu Teamspeak: ts.raidworld.eu Facebook: facebook.com/raidworld Instagram: instagram.com/mcraidworld Twitter: twitter.com/MC_Raidworld Youtube: youtube.com/channel/UCjBNmy68m8f2yTlis_ynV0g Bring it on!


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