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TTavernMC 1.20.2

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Welcome to Tilted Tavern - Conquer a World of Adventure!
Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary Minecraft journey unlike any other? Look no further than Tilted Tavern, where we're sporting a world that's a 500:1 scale replica of our beloved planet Earth. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of our vast landscapes, bustling cities, and untamed wilderness. Join us in creating your own destiny, one block at a time!


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What is the Server IP for Tilted Tavern?

The IP for the Tilted Tavern is: towny.tiltedtavern.net

What Game modes can I play on Tilted Tavern?

On Tilted Tavern you can enjoy the following game modes:

What versions does the Tilted Tavern server support?

Tilted Tavern currently supports versions: TTavernMC 1.20.2