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Purple Prison (#1 Sponsored Server)

RATED BEST MINECRAFT SERVER 2023 Our server is no doubt one of the best Minecraft servers to ever exist, to show you what we mean, here is a list of things we provide above other servers to show you why we are the best: CUSTOM PLUGINS - MINING TOKENS AND LARGE TOKEN SHOP! FREQUENT DROPPARTIES - EVERY 30 VOTES! CUSTOM RANKUP REWARDS! CRATE KEYS WHICH GIVE RANDOMLY GENERATED LOOT! PLOT SHOPS SO YOU CAN SET UP YOUR OWN IN-GAME SHOP! AMAZING HIT DETECTION AND NO LAGG VERY WELL BALANCED ECONOMY REGUL
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PLAYERS: 612/1000

1vie.fr | Minecraft Deathban Server | Anarchy | Ultra Hardcore | No Cheat

Join the adventure: https://1vie.fr/​ / IP: play.1vie.fr ANARCHY HARDCORE SERVER The Minecraft server 1Vie.fr offers you the opportunity to test your survival and adaptation skills in an ultra-hostile environment in a totally anarchic atmosphere. 1Vie.fr offers its members the opportunity to rediscover their primary instincts in an ultra hardcore game without plugins (100% Vanilla) and without life regeneration. VANILLA | 0 Plugins 1vie.fr is faithful to the unique Minecraft Vanilla survival
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Happy Cubes Ultra Hardcore

Happy Cubes is an Ultra Hardcore SMP. But what does Ultra Hardcore mean? Server was created for those, who think that normal survival is too easy. It provides features that make the gameplay challenging and more interesting. If you want to check your Minecraft skills, grab a pack of friends or join alone and face the Ultra Hardcore! Server features: Hardcore Lives - Each player starts the game with 5 lives. Lose life when you die. You can trade lives with other players or buy additional using
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Vanilla Europa

Server IP: mcip.vanillaeuropa.com Discord: https://discord.gg/mcstmJK The Best European Survival Minecraft Server. Semi-Vanilla Vanilla Europa's main objective with Semi-Vanilla is to provide Minecraft players with a multiplayer experience as close to Vanilla Minecraft as possible, while carrying out anti grief measures, not allowing griefers and looters to wreak havoc on friendly users. Community The Vanilla Europa Community has been growing since November 2018, when the server first launche
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PLAYERS: 53/175

đź’€ HalfastMC UHC SMP đź’€

The average player will RAGE QUIT after playing 5 minutes on THIS server! Bedrock Edition and Pocket Edition - IP: play.halfastmc.com PORT: 19132 The Minecraft server HalfastMC is an Ultra Hardcore Vanilla Minecraft Server - Hard Mode Survival with no natural regeneration. Players have to use potions, beacons, apples, etc to regenerate health. Monsters spawn more often and hit much harder. Unlike other servers, players won’t be banned from the server after death. Commands like teleport
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Litopia est un serveur Minecraft Vanilla en UltraHardCore (avec respawn), actuellement en version 1.19 Le PvP est actif et la map illimitée en freebuild. Nous sommes avant tout une communauté soudée, une bande de copains qui se retrouvent pour partager ensemble une aventure sur Minecraft. Pour intégrer notre serveur, il te faudra avant tout lire et accepter certaines règles. En cas de non respect de celles-ci, les joueurs concernés seront sanctionnés sur-le-champ. Discord : discord.com/invite/
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Our star categories are "MEGASURVIVAL", "ULTRACREATIVES", "MYISLAND" and "ROUNDPVP". In megasurvival you can enjoy MMO, trading and map generation of an epic way! This game mode is based on warps and classic survival, combined towny and many other plugins that make your game much more rewarding and fun! We're sure you'll like it. In ultracreatives you will carry out your masterpieces, of any kind. Use the creator of figures or WorldEdit for free and you can edit the weather and time of day o
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1 World 1 Life

Minecrafts Hardest Survival Server JAVA Try to SURVIVE on your own and FLOURISH Or Team together and Create the most powerful KINGDOM ULTRA HARDCORE SMP Join Discord: discord.gg/fsNkUkfkEV RULES No Hacking No X-ray ONE WORLD No Nether No End Only Overworld. Nether and End Items and Mobs Spawn In Overworld DEATH ON LOG OUT If you take damage and try to log out you will die. Wait until the danger tag is gone before you log out. GRAVITY Trees Fall - Cobble Stone Can Fall When Mined REA
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PLAYERS: 1/100

PoweFul-MC Network

Welcome to The PowerFul-MC Network! PowerFul-MC Network is a old Minecraft network created in March 2011. We have been hard at work making this server the best possible. We now have lot of custom plugins on our server. With really unique style. For example we have a global credit system, ”FunTools (Pets, Hats, Particles, Clothes, Gadets and more)”, Gravity Death, UHC, AirWars, Survival Games, Stats, Achiements, Twitter and many more! Yes, our server has Twitter integrated to it. You can f
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PLAYERS: 0/1000


(English )-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Craftealo is network of servers, we started with a Towny server two years ago. Now we have a Kit PvP server and a Faction dedicated server coming soon. With a lot of work, our server has more than 100 plugins and dedicated servers which guarantee hours of fun in a friendly and kind community of users. (Español)----------------------------------------------
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PLAYERS: 0/500

SaltCraft - Ăśber Ultra Hard Survival

Survival server - No death ban. If you think minecraft is too easy, and that you need a challenge. Then is this a server for you. It is a survival server However, PVP is allowed, there is no whitelist. If you can survive 7 Minecraft days on this server without dying, you will be able to call yourself a Pro Minecraft gamer. (This does not apply if you are a coward and just hide in a small enclosed space) Things you should know: Dirt and cobble don't hower anymore, they fall when updated, just
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Join MangoMC! We've got a vanilla-like Survival server, a Creative plotworld, Ultra Hardcore, and minigames. Our server has two custom minigames, Elytra Dogfights and Ledges. We are eager to hear feedback, join our community Discord server to chat about the server or just post memes.
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PLAYERS: 0/128


¡¡MC EXTREMO!! Una nueva experiencia Ultra Hardcore Survival... ¿Tienes el valor suficiente? ¡Elige una dificultad inicial y demuestra lo que vales! ¿Cuándo será tu primera muerte...? IP: skylive.es Sistema de progreso y dificultad ÚNICO! Acumula ALMAS derrotando enemigos SIN MORIR...Plugins PROPIOS, enemigos DIFÍCILES y con PROGRESO, sistemas de MEJORAS...Penalizaciones por muerte SIN BAN: modo UHC, la TORMENTA ETERNA, mundo CORRUPTO, ECLIPSE LUNAR...Mundos INCREÍBLES, poderes OCULTOS, MINIJU
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PLAYERS: 0/200


Welcome to a unique vanilla Minecraft SMP experience. Everneth is a whitelisted community of friends offering a great environment for players to have some fun, meet new friends, grow as builders, and join friendly competitions. Everneth is founded upon principles of an honest and accountable staff, and fair vanilla survival gameplay. Our Events Team and Staff host many tournaments and competitions including our community favorite Ultra Hardcore (UHC) every other month. We have minigames hosted
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Welcome to the world of UltraCraft, with wonderful Admins and great, friendly Staff. This is a Hardcore PvP/Faction/Raiding server. Please join and have fun!!
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Enatic Survival

Enatic MC is a server that strives to be as vanilla as can be without sacrificing the multiplayer aspects that survival players have grown to love. Features: Diamond Economy Home Teleport Large World Border Player Arena Player Shops Events: Build Battles Ultra Hardcores (UHCs)
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