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PoweFul-MC Network Minecraft Server IP

Server details

IP Address PowerFul-MC.Net file_copy fiber_manual_record
Players 3/1000 (expand_more)
Version 1.8-1.16
Owner slebu
Website Http://PowerFul-MC.Net/

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Welcome to The PowerFul-MC Network! PowerFul-MC Network is a old Minecraft network created in March 2011. We have been hard at work making this server the best possible. We now have lot of custom plugins on our server. With really unique style. For example we have a global credit system, ”FunTools (Pets, Hats, Particles, Clothes, Gadets and more)”, Gravity Death, UHC, AirWars, Survival Games, Stats, Achiements, Twitter and many more! Yes, our server has Twitter integrated to it. You can for example Tweet from the game! Cool Right? In January 2016 we will be launching a way for your to earn IRL items by playing on the server! Our server also has a custom plugin to let Cracked players safely in! Our Premium IP is: PowerFul-MC.Net Our Cracked IP is: Cracked.PowerFul-MC.Net/ You can find our website at: http://PowerFul-MC.Net/ Here is our games, all of them include custom code! MiniGames: UltraHardCore Survival Games Gravity Death AirWars Here is a list of our basic servers: Classic SkyBlock OP-SkyBlock Prison OP-Prison Creative Factions KitPvP SkyGrid Survival The Special The Xtreme Vanilla We cannot wait for you to see our server! Come to see all of the custom features yourself! By the way, I know you will be in love with our lobby!


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What is the Server IP for PoweFul-MC Network?

The IP for the PoweFul-MC Network is: PowerFul-MC.Net

What Game modes can I play on the PoweFul-MC Network?

On PoweFul-MC Network you can enjoy the following game modes:

What versions does the PoweFul-MC Network server support?

PoweFul-MC Network currently supports versions: 1.8-1.16