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Address: Cracked.PowerFul-MC.Net Owner: slebu Last ping: 4 minutes ago Last sucessfull ping: 4 minutes ago Uptime this month: 100% Version: 1.8
Website: Http://PowerFul-MC.Net/
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IrGBjIwZXQ

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Premium IP: PowerFul-MC.Net Cracked/Offline IP: Cracked.PowerFul-MC.Net ======================== Welcome! Unleash your excitement into the best server yet! - This server is up 24/7 and invites every player to participate in a number of epic servers and mini-games! - The Things that u can do alone or with other players is awesome! - Amazing updated plugins + custom plugins (soon)! - Buyable purchases are allowed on the server and are their whenever you want it! - New Things to improve the server for all you players are done each day! - The server is runned and owned by slebu (Owner) - Customer support is highly used and problems and issues are always fixed hours after noticing them! - The servers capacity is 1000 slots making lots of players able to join! - If u want to donate , just do /buy ingame Server Infomation: Skyblock: - Play Alone or with friends to surive in a small area , just starting with essential items! Pvp: - Battle it out in teams or individualy in big battledomes and be put into difficult situations! Hunger-Games: - Get a large group of players and find the best items to slay them all before they kill you! Factions: - Make a Faction and raid other people by blowing them up and killing everyone of them! Prison: - Start Mining to earn money , so u can rankup and eventually become the strongest in the prison! RankWorld: - Buy Amazing ranks like , VIP , Donator , Admin , Super-Admin , Owner , And do mostly whatever you want! - OP Does Not Come with any of these ranks! - /Ban /Kick //Wand /Mute + Others are banned due to Abusive behaviour! Spleef: - Get a friend and battle them by destoying snow under them and watch them fall into lava! Skygrid: - Alone or accompanied you will have surive jumping over hundreds of blocks without falling and make a good enough base to withstand enemies Worldedit: - Always wanted to create a massive build? Now u can with only 1 command! Worldedit is buyable at $1.95 + Loads of commands to use! Vanilla: - Normal Minecraft survive the nights without dying and create amazing builds! Creative: - Make amazing buildings on plots with friends or by yourself! + You get creative mode! Skywars: - Kill your enemies by jumping from one island to another! Try to kill them all before you get killed! + Start with the same items! Paintball: - Want to 1v1 somebody and shoot paintballs at them? Well now u can! Try to kill your opponent! Capture the flag: - In teams or not... you need to capture the enemies flag before they capture yours! Its a race for victory! Parkour: -Fancy a challenge? Head over to parkour area and see if u have what it takes to get too the top! Please Join this full action packed server! Details: Server IP: PowerFul-MC.Net Server Webpage: http://PowerFul-MC.Net/ Vote: http://PowerFul-MC.Net/vote.html Owner: Slebu


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