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Our server is no doubt one of the best Minecraft servers to ever exist, to show you what we mean, here is a list of things we provide above other servers to show you why we are the best:
...аnd so much more!
So what are you waiting for? Join Today! :D

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Players: 480/1000
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Minecraft Sponge Servers

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A Giant Nerwork.
Mulitple servers like Skyblock, Survival, Creative, Op Prison, SkyGrid, etc
Join now: play.spongecraft.net
Come on!. It's cozy

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Players: 11/50
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TheFruitBox - 1.19.3 | Java & Bedrock | Survival | Tribes, Custom Events &

TheFruitBox - 1.19.3 | Java & Bedrock | Survival | Tribes, Custom Events &

TheFruitBox provides Minecraft is it's most basic form. The server is based around complete vanilla gameplay with 100% custom in server events every month developed by the admin. These events don't affect the gameplay and instead utilize vanilla gameplay to have players compete against one another.
What we offer:
Minecraft (1.19.2) as it is. no drop parties, no kits, no crazy ranks, just classic Minecraft.Complete custom monthly events not seen anywhere else. Champions Tour, Red VS Blue, Holiday events, and build competitions.
No grief protectionTribesSponge EconomyAn infinite world without a world border.No admin interferenceTight knit and supportive communityA server wiki to document the servers historyA discord so you can communicate with players outside the game.A website (onlyvanilla.org)An extremely active admin
Port: 25565
For those who need more than vanilla we have something for you! We have a champions tour that happens every two months and it is a server wide event. This tour has multiple gamemodes and qualifiers. The tournament is one month long and crowns a new champion everytime.
Alongside the champions tour we have building competitions every month!
IP: play.thefruitbox.net

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Players: 2/100
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PikaBlox (v1.10.2) (v5.0.0 NEWEST) (CUSTOM PLUGINS) (NO LAG; SERVER IS UP)

PikaBlox (v1.10.2) (v5.0.0 NEWEST) (CUSTOM PLUGINS) (NO LAG; SERVER IS UP)

PikaBlox is a new approach to the Minecraft Pixelmon community. Unlike all other servers, we have custom plugins that manipulate Pixelmon's spawning system to allow Nether and End while allowing Pokemon levels to increase the further out you go. We have an economy system, a town system, a beautiful spawning area, and constantly updated content. Along with our survival theme, we include an RPG theme, having our own lore and an entirely new non-canon region. This region is called the Caro Region which includes our spawn, the Malia Islands. As the server progresses, we will be adding more catchable legendary Pokemon and more RPG content outside of survival. Eventually, we hope to establish that player-run towns can create their own gyms with their own custom badges.
Our staff are friendly, helpful, and willing to resolve any issues that may occur. We also regularly contribute code to Sponge projects, supporting us enables our ability to support the Sponge community.
We have a website, forums page, and TS3 (Teamspeak 3) server. All of the information regarding these things will be pasted at the bottom.
We hope to see everyone on the server!
TeamSpeak3 Server:

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Players: 2/125
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EdgeGamers Organization [Survival] [Events]

EdgeGamers Organization [Survival] [Events]

Now Running Minecraft Version 1.16!
Server Features
We offer fairly Vanilla Survival gameplay, with a few features
using Sponge API to enhance and improve player experience!
Some Survival features:
Grief Prevention - Protect your Property from Griefing!
McMMO - Participate in various skills to become the top ranked power player!
Shopworld - Make a shop, or browse and buy from other players!
Mineworlds - Reset every month, always have fresh worlds to mine resources!
EdgeGamers Organization | Gaming Community
Server IP: Mine.EdgeGamers.com
=(eGO)= History
Our foundation rests on honor, loyalty, and integrity. There is a heavy emphasis on maturity, fair play, helping others and having a fun and competitive gaming experience that all can enjoy. Because of this, eGO has attracted the most dedicated members and experienced administrators in the gaming world. eGO has become a place where each admin can and does make a difference. No matter what real life brings, in the world of eGO, you are valued and counted on to help make things right.
=(eGO)= Servers
EdgeGamers Organization offers free to play servers for the following games:
ARK: Survival Evolved, Battlefield, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Day of Defeat Source, Garry’s Mod, Grand Theft Auto 5 RP, Minecraft, Rust, Team Fortress 2, TeamSpeak 3, War Thunder and World of Warships.
You can view our full list of official eGO servers on GameTracker.
Useful Links
EdgeGamers Website
TeamSpeak3 Information
EdgeGamers Forums
EdgeGamers Minecraft - Servers and Information
EdgeGamers Minecraft - Event Schedule
EdgeGamers Minecraft Forums
Additional NotesEdgeGamers | EGO | Survival | Vanilla | Grief Prevention | Great Members | Fun Staff | www.Edge-Gamers.com |

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Players: 2/50
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Beyond Bedrock Network [SMP] {Java 1.19} {No Resets}

Beyond Bedrock Network [SMP]  {Java 1.19} {No Resets}

▬ Welcome to the Beyond Bedrock Network ▬
Beyond Bedrock is a 1.19 Java Edition adult Minecraft server. As a community, not only are we players, but we are also friends who like to spend time with each other, even outside of Minecraft. We have a networked server with Survival and Skyblock modes, and soon we will be adding a Creative and Event world (Please note due to the recent update some of the game mechanics may not be fully functional until they have been updated).
We are a No Reset server - instead we expand upon the current world with each update.
Live Map
The live map uncovers as players explore new terrain: map.beyondbedrock.com
Game Mechanics
Here are some of the quality of life changes we have made:
✨ Players have the ability to send teleport requests to other players, and set homes.
✨ Day Time cycle increased from 10 to 20 minutes. Night time cannot be skipped via beds.
✨ LWC Chest Protection & Chest Sorting (Unprotected chests do not warrant theft).
✨ Vein Mining & Tree felling.
✨ mcMMO - 25% XP reduction for a challenge.
✨ Phantoms are disabled - Bats drop Membranes.
✨ Creepers, Enderman, Ghasts, cannot pick up/damage blocks.
✨ Dragon drops Elytra & Mobs have a chance to drop their heads.
✨ Shulkers drop 2x shell.
✨ Pet Protection - Pets cannot be harmed by players.
✨ Lightning Fire Spread is disabled.
✨ Replant crops automatically with hoe tool.
✨ Sponge blocks/Saddles can be crafted, sandstone can turn back to sand.
✨ Players can create invisible item frames.
✨ Faster Minecart system - Redstone blocks under powered rails.
✨ Player trading Shopkeeper system.
✨ Additional Advancements - Can be viewed in Advancement Tab.
We do have some rules we require players to follow.
👉 We are an English speaking server, please speak English in public chats.
👉 No griefing or stealing.
👉 No harassment in chat of any kind.
👉 Avoid being inappropriate in chat, most notably sexual comments, and media.
👉 PVP is allowed, however, you must gain the consent of the member who you plan to PVP with.
👉 No Cheating of any means to give an unfair advantage (Duplicating, X-Ray resource packs, map modification mods, obtaining seed, scripts of any kind, flying, ...).
Server Information
Server IP: mc.beyondbedrock.com
Website: [​b=false]https://info.beyondbedrock.com/[​/b]
Want to join us?
To apply OR find out more about us, join our [​Discord here]
We look forward to playing with you!

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Players: 3/20
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XeGaming 1.17.1 Universe Edition!!!

XeGaming 1.17.1 Universe Edition!!!

Now Updated to 1.17.1!!!
XeGaming is a community based friendly survival server with a newly generated world and our Egyptian themed pyramid spawn Xelantis! We use precious stones to claim a 40x40 sponge area so everything you build is protected.
We are now running the Hide And Seek Minigame Use /has join to join an arena or select a arena at /warp hideandseek
XeGaming has been running for over 9 years with friendly active staff on at all times.
We have completely revamped our structure. We are now offering more mini-games, new rank structures, tons of new fun additions, Cosmetics, and better tuned survival and economy structures!
We are now running MCMMO.
Even MORE fun plugins now - Minigames including TheLab with more then 10 minigames in it, and CubeRunner, fly for everyone in survival, Skyblock, OreGen SkyBlock add-on, Creative World with plots with rank based world edit, Head Database for Donators and up, Liquid Tanks For storing XP, Lava, Water, Soup, and more, Elevators, UltraCosmetics, SuperTrailsPro, XeXp to safely deposit your xp. Timber and a lot more.
Come check out XeGaming Home Edition and find out what Small Scale Epic really means!
The server is run on i5 Quad with 32Gs ram with Spigot on CentOs tuned by our resident Linux Guru.
Experience the fun of those massive servers but with a manageable size community that actually enjoys your company.
Also running standard plugins such as Worldedit/Guard, PreciousStones, CrateReloaded, Essentials, Citizens, LogBlock, LWC, Stables. ChestShop, xConomy, CraftBook, warpsystem, HeroChat, Xexp, Xjump and many many more...
All tuned and configured to give you the smoothest and most fun experience.
Check us out at www.xegaming.com. That works for Minecraft, Discord- https://discord.com/invite/0px0in3BsujNz06z , Website, Forums, and Twitter!

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Players: 1/30
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CivitasMC is a server that is focused on community. At the heart of this journey, we simply aim to be a community. We are not like the other big servers who just want your money, who do not care about the daily running of their server. We are starting from small beginnings, we all do. Yes, there will be bugs, there will be boring moments, there will be times where the server does not have a single player on it. Eventually, the bugs will be fixed, the boring times will pass, and people will join. That all being said, CivitasMC is a PvP Factions based server. This game mode inevitably causes rivalries. Which is when the community comes into play. You can have all out war. You can have periods of peace. This is where the community aspect strives. The community vote gets to choose which way the server goes. Your voice will be heard within CivitasMC. Everyone's will. So why don't you come and join us?
First and foremost, we put community first. No matter what.
We have our own custom ranking system. This will be touched on later in the thread.
Factions Fly, this means you can fly in your own claimed area!
Tired of pesky lava getting in the way of your base building? Just get a sponge to soak it up!
Beautiful spawns and other builds.
Tired of manually filled dispensers? Just use /tntfill!
In the middle of a fight and you notice your hot bar is filled with empty glass bottles? We have a fix for that
We have cool downs! This means no more pesky gapple spamming!
World Border fixes, no more glitched out bases
Canon fixes, no more ruining those creations of mass destruction!
Don't wanna manually sell things? Just use /sellchest (or /sellinventory)
Gen buckets! Either sand, cobble, or obsidian, horizontal or vertical!
/FTop, wanna see who is on top? Now you can!
Redstone protection, tired of water destroying your creation? We got you.
Anti-Combat Logging
Mob Stacking, no more lag from so many entities!
Faction Leveling, unlock perks from having members on!
Mine spawners with silk touch
Break obsidian with TNT
Much, much more.
As you can see, we have put much effort into this server, and this is only the start. We strive as a server strive to improve and adapt. As long as this server is up, the heart of it will be the community. However, that being said, we will not tolerate anything we deem rude or simply unacceptable.
I would like to expand a little bit on the peace and war system, to make sure it is understandable. Once every hour, there is to be a vote. In this vote, you are given two options, peace or war. The system is based on a majority wins basis. The vote is taken for five minutes, and then it determines who won. Based on what wins, certain actions happen. If war wins, then it will continue as normal. PvP, raiding, all of that. So you may be asking, why would we ever want to vote for peace? Well .. this is where the custom ranking system comes into play. Once your first join the server, you will be able to choose your civilization. With each one comes with different backstories and abilities, however, I will not get into this right now. Once you pick your civilization, you are put into their group. There are three groups: Civilized, Scavengers, Raiders. Each of these has access to the different types of shops. We use a GUI based shop, so say Raiders have access to the farming section, however, they don't have access to the tools section and do not want to make their own. The peace period is when they would be able to access all the shops. No one civilization has access to all the shops. However, we made sure that no-one has an unfair advantage. We also disable PvP entirely during the peace period, truly making it peace. We may change this in the future depending on player feedback, but this is as it is right now. This is just an example, but this is where the players are given a driving force to why they would choose peace .. we aim to add more functionality to this and are completely open to suggestions! We have never seen this implemented in such a way, so we decided to test it out.
We would love to have you as a part of our server. We cannot wait to see the things that we will accomplish. So like we said earlier; why don't you come and join us?
Come join us: play.civitasmc.com
Our website: https://civitasmc.com
Our Discord: https://discord.gg/rsz6MBt

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Players: 2/25
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Mine4life 24/7 Survival | PvP | Kit PvP | Creative | Mob Arenas | No lag

Mine4life 24/7 Survival | PvP | Kit PvP | Creative | Mob Arenas | No lag

Ever wanted a server, where there is no greif, and you can protect your houses from them with sponge? maybe where you can use lava, TNT, and pistons, wanted it to be bukkit with essentials, worldguard, precious stones, multiverse, logblock and more? Wanted to also be able to play Creative on it? No problem! Could of even wanted it to have ranks, and maybe PVP, meh, a Kit PvP too. Who knows you may have even wanted it to have Mob arena and a super friendly staff? Not many servers like that. Except one: Mine4Life. Our ip is play.mine4life.net
stop dreaming. because this server is real.

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Noctus Server

Noctus Server

Welcome to Noctus Survival and Eco Server, we are a new Semi-Vanilla Server with few plugins. We Pride ourselves on our tight knit community with active and friendly staff.
Noctus is Family Friendly! And suitable for all ages! We do not allow swearing, with our advanced filter, and we have strict no abuse guidelines! Noctus is a safe and fun place to build your wildest MineCraft creations!
Some of the awesome features our new server has and will have are as follows:
Free Plots
Sponge Protection
Pvp Wild
Mini Games (coming soon)
Chat Filter
Chest Shops
Contests (Coming Soon)
Anti Cheat
We look very forward to seeing you on our growing server! We will be improving and adding new things every day! You can check out our forums page as well a noctusserver.wix.com/noctus
Good luck, and Good building!

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DuncsWeb Network 1.5 - Mario Kart, Towns, FactionsPvP, SkyPvP, SkyGrid

DuncsWeb Network 1.5 - Mario Kart, Towns, FactionsPvP, SkyPvP, SkyGrid

Constantly Improving! see http://duncsweb.com ***WE ARE ON 1.5*** We're on Dedicated Hardware (E3-1270v2 Quad Core, 32GB RAM, SSDs), not the cheap shared stuff others go with, so we can afford to run much more than they do. Currently we have (and are not limited to) the following:

- Survival with Towns

- PvP with Factions

- Bi-weekly "Battle Mode" Global PvP Switched on in Town World

- Split chat between the above, so you don't hear about Town Stuff in Factions (But can communicate still in Town Chat or Faction Chat)

- Survival Games - SkyBlock

- Elite monsters that give more loot

- Custom random drops from mobs in Town World with enchantments and added stats on the items

- Mystery items - Identified with an Identity Tome (3 books and an enderpearl)

- Socketable and Tiered items similar to World of Warcraft / Diablo

- Creative World for Supporters (with anti-grief measures)

- McMMO Skills

- Custom Point system with shops to help you find unobtainable items

- Full Featured Economy with player owned shops

- Auctions - Spleef Arena - Team PvP Arena - Battleground Arena - Paintball Arena - Capture The Flag Arena - Skirmish Arena - BowSpleef Arena

- Boat Races - Pig Races - Various levels of Parkour (from easy to almost impossible) - Various Mazes

- Random Teleport sign in Town World (/warp nexus) to help you get to resources faster

- Long Rollercoaster around spawn

- Trampoline at Spawn - Bouncy Sponges serverwide

- Chairs - Hold shift and sit on any stairs

- Latest changes posted to /news

- Serverwide MIDI music now and again

- Moderator ticket system, we'll try and sort your issue out even if you're offline

Outside the game we have:

- A 7100+ member community website

- Forum with over 30,000 posts and 1.4 million views

- Full Featured Gallery including a "Finest Builds" area to post your best work

- A Radio Show every Saturday at 5:30pm GMT - IRC Chat Room flowing 24/7 with game chat

- 32 Slot TeamSpeak connected to the game for chatting The Website: http://duncsweb.com

We also have our own modded Xtreme Server, TF2 Server and Flash Games Website, but that's a whole other topic So this is just a heads up of what we can offer, we're never empty so feel free to drop by and check us out, thanks!

TL : DR; We're pretty good at this, check us out at IP: mc.duncsweb.com
Server IP Address - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: mc.duncsweb.com

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Fortunate Isles Server

Fortunate Isles Server

You need to add a modpack to get onto this server:
1. go here https://mods.curse.com/client and install a client of curse
2. Find the minecraft icon on the left side tab, search for FTB modpacks.
3. Install the Infinity Lite 1.4(as right now) version.
4. If you have any issues either go to the steam group and make a post, friend me, or best to do is to go onto discord and directly message someone. WE WILL HELP YOU.
The Fortunate Isles or Isle of the blessed is a piece of Greek myth, a place within Elysium, that only the better of the classical Greeks were allowed to stay. I have always wanted something more out of the usual minecraft server, and so I offer you this place the FI server, to stay, build, and conspire:D.

Server ip: play.fortunateisles.net
STEAMGROUP: www.steamcommunity.com/groups/fiserver
New website: www.fortunateisles.net
DISCORD: I have recreated a server channel: https://discord.gg/N2QNtFY , you can't text in it btw but you can DM anyone.

Use these to help you get started with your claiming/server commands
Protections: https://forums.spongepowered.org/t/shield-anti-grief-redprotect-1-8-9-1-11/11846
Essentials: http://nucleuspowered.org/docs/commands2.html

Default claim is 10 chunks. We can and do increase claim limits:)
PvP is part of this server. Think accordingly, (Though everyone is pretty nice)
Server Owners: siddyf, RebelNode

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Welcome to Cheeks Craft! We need staff and stuff. Free op!!!! We're a fun mature community. Very big fans of sandy cheeks from spongebob!!!
Looking for new players & suggestions!
As of now this server doesn't have an official website or discord server, so my community server is being used for contact: discord.gg/W4fJcprxgp. The server will always be moderated, so you won't have to worry about grief damage or trolls.

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DarkCraft - Survival, 3 Years

DarkCraft - Survival, 3 Years

A Server You Can Call Home
Welcome to DarkCraft, where Minecraft is played the way it was meant to be! We're a laid-back, mature, free-build vanilla server offering survival and creative worlds, PVP arenas, and lots of expansions coming soon—including Minigames and Skyblock worlds. We have a team of dedicated administrators and moderators who ensure DarkCraft remains free of lag, grief, spam, and other annoyances, as well as a great community of fun and friendly players of all ages. Come play with us at mc.darkcraft.org!
A Server You Can Count On
Our dedicated server is administered with care to ensure zero lag and 100% uptime. Our TPS almost never goes below 20. Our server runs contained within system RAM, which helps the world load extremely fast and makes teleporting a breeze. Server specs:
CPU: Intelâ„¢ Xeon E3 1245v2 @ 3.4GHz
OS: CentOS x86_64
Network: 100Mbps up/down
Location: Eastern Canada
A Server You'll Love
We think DarkCraft is the best server of its kind! Some reasons you should join:
* You never have to worry about losing your epic builds. Our server has been around since March of 2011, and we're not going anywhere.
* It is absolutely FREE to play on DarkCraft! You can purchase in-game perks (which help make DarkCraft possible), but it is free to join and build.
* There is plenty of land available. We have a brand-new beautiful 6,000 x 6,000 block 1.7 world with plenty of land still available, and plans to expand to 16,000 x 16,000 soon.
* Your builds and items are protected. We run anti-grief plugin LogBlock, which logs all block data and allows us to rollback any damage done to your builds, as well as the Deadbolt plugin, which allows you to lock your chests and doors. Creeper grief and fire spread are turned off in certain worlds.
* We are serious about maintaining our in-game economy. The Admins and Moderators do NO item spawning—all materials are obtained legitimately. Certain, rare items and items that cannot be obtained through in-game mechanics, such as a sponge, are available via the in-game shop.
* Nether resources are always available. We maintain two nethers: a permanent one for building, and one for resource collection, which is reset when materials become scarce.
* DarkCraft is one-of-a-kind. We write many of our own plugins, which gives us an edge in update time, and allows us to offer unique features.
* Our staff is always there to help. We have a very active and mature team of moderators to ensure your playing experience is the best it can be.
* We have a friendly, funny, and peaceful community. Our vibrant online community is fun and friendly, with forums hosted on the beautiful and fast software Xenforo. We have players of all ages from countries all over the world.
Join Now!
We hope you'll come play with us! Here's how to find us:
1) Log in to the server at mc.darkcraft.org.
2) Sign up on the forums at darkcraft.org. It will help you stay in the loop with server news and other things going on in the DarkCraft community.
3) Join our Mumble channel where you can chat with other players. Connect using voip.darkcraft.org, port 64738. For more info, click here: http://darkcraft.org/wiki/Mumble

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IP: purpleprison.net
Purple Prison is no doubt one of the BEST prison servers, to show you what we mean, here is a list of things WE provide above other servers to show you why we are the BEST:

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Players: 158/100000
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MinecraftOnline.com is not affiliated with Mojang AB
MinecraftOnlineSurvival, without the grief!
MinecraftOnline is a free-build server with zero tolerance to grief. This means you don't need protection for your buildings, and you aren't limited in where and what you can build - as long as you don't damage anything anyone else made, you're free to do what you want. Our effective staff team make sure that your work is always safe from grief.
Friendly, helpful and professional staff team present 24/7. Close-knit community of intelligent and mature individuals. Zero tolerance to grief, all bans are permanent.
Free speech - nothing you can say can get you banned or muted, as long as you don't spam.
Massive world that has been online and open to free build continuously since 4th August 2010 - over 150,000 unique players have built here.
Heavily customised software - the majority of our software has been written by our own programmers specifically for MinecraftOnline.
High-end professional hardware hosted in a well connected European data centre - no lag either in Europe or the US.
Loads of minigames - Pigchinko, Spleef, mazes, arenas.
Run your own shops.
Construct advanced machines using Craftbook Extra - gates, drawbridges, railway stations, factories.
Fast travel with teleport pads, warps, a railway network, and personal fast travel commands.
Reputation and friend system.
Website with sophisticated control panel offering player info, mail, notifications and more.
The server has an active well-maintained wiki with a great deal of player-submitted information about the server, features, commands, towns, buildings, organisations, how-to articles and advice:
Explore the massive and detailed world on the online map, updated in real-time with location info from the wiki:
Large international community with over 200,000 likes on Facebook:
Join us on Discord:
Join us on IRC:
#minecraftonline on webchat.esper.net

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Players: 40/120
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