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Welcome to Noctus Survival and Eco Server, we are a new Semi-Vanilla Server with few plugins. We Pride ourselves on our tight knit community with active and friendly staff.
Noctus is Family Friendly! And suitable for all ages! We do not allow swearing, with our advanced filter, and we have strict no abuse guidelines! Noctus is a safe and fun place to build your wildest MineCraft creations!

Some of the awesome features our new server has and will have are as follows:
Free Plots
Sponge Protection
Pvp Wild
Mini Games (coming soon)
Chat Filter
Chest Shops
Contests (Coming Soon)
Anti Cheat

We look very forward to seeing you on our growing server! We will be improving and adding new things every day! You can check out our forums page as well a
Good luck, and Good building!


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