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You need to add a modpack to get onto this server: 1. go here and install a client of curse 2. Find the minecraft icon on the left side tab, search for FTB modpacks. 3. Install the Infinity Lite 1.4(as right now) version. 4. If you have any issues either go to the steam group and make a post, friend me, or best to do is to go onto discord and directly message someone. WE WILL HELP YOU. The Fortunate Isles or Isle of the blessed is a piece of Greek myth, a place within Elysium, that only the better of the classical Greeks were allowed to stay. I have always wanted something more out of the usual minecraft server, and so I offer you this place the FI server, to stay, build, and conspire:D. Server ip: STEAMGROUP: New website: DISCORD: I have recreated a server channel: , you can't text in it btw but you can DM anyone. Use these to help you get started with your claiming/server commands Protections: Essentials: Default claim is 10 chunks. We can and do increase claim limits:) PvP is part of this server. Think accordingly, (Though everyone is pretty nice) Server Owners: siddyf, RebelNode


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