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Purple Prison (#1 Sponsored Server)

RATED BEST MINECRAFT SERVER 2023 Our server is no doubt one of the best Minecraft servers to ever exist, to show you what we mean, here is a list of things we provide above other servers to show you why we are the best: CUSTOM PLUGINS - MINING TOKENS AND LARGE TOKEN SHOP! FREQUENT DROPPARTIES - EVERY 30 VOTES! CUSTOM RANKUP REWARDS! CRATE KEYS WHICH GIVE RANDOMLY GENERATED LOOT! PLOT SHOPS SO YOU CAN SET UP YOUR OWN IN-GAME SHOP! AMAZING HIT DETECTION AND NO LAGG VERY WELL BALANCED ECONOMY REGUL
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PLAYERS: 630/1000

SnowfoxMC! 1.19 | PvE Survival | Custom Features + Custom Coded!

SERVER IP: play.snowfoxmc.net DYNMAP: map.snowfoxmc.net DISCORD: discord.snowfoxmc.net WIKI + DOCUMENTATION: wiki.snowfoxmc.net Welcome to SnowfoxMC - an extremely custom, no-resets PvE Survival server loaded with custom items, QoL and gameplay features, custom-coded from the ground up! (Yes, foxes are tameable!) What's unique about us? With the exception of some basic ones (like WorldEdit, LuckPerms, etc), you won't find our plugins anywhere else - they're custom-made for this server! How? Well
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PLAYERS: 5/100

Grownup Gamers

Finding a gaming community, especially as an adult, can be hard. And that's why GrownupGamers exists. If you are looking to play minecraft with mature individuals, we have you covered. But that's not all we have. Grownup Gamers is a group of gamers that has been around for 9+ years. It started as a group of friends on xbox live and has transformed over the years to be a self sustaining community hosting multiple games across 2 dedicated systems. This includes java Minecraft, Valheim, and Rust
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Great Phermesia | [1.18.2+] || Creative City Building | Java/Bedrock Crossp

Minecraft Creative Mode Server | Java/Bedrock Crossplay | Started in 2013! 9 Years in Progress! APPLY ON GREAT PHERMESIA'S DISCORD TO JOIN THE SERVER: https://discord.gg/dgXgKJPDYu Looking for: Builders (Modern, Medieval, Fantasy, End, Nether, etc)Active PlayersPvP-skilled Players1-2 Staff MembersServer Stats: Hosted in Canada16 GB RAMEthera NetworkPlugins: WorldEditCustom WarpsCoreProtect (Anti-Grief)LuckPermsDYNMAP: http://play.greatphermesia.com:8367/ ---> 500+ Active Members! Join No
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The Oasis MC - Vault Hunters v3

Welcome to the Oasis! Our staff is patient, understanding, and exceedingly friendly. They play alongside the players and are always present to assist with any concern. They host events in discord and in game frequently to incite fellowship and comradery within the community. We have a rich and diverse player base filled with wonderfully friendly folks from all ages and walks of life. All the players are helpful, friendly, and inviting. All are quick to help identify toxicity, which is swiftly
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Ltcraft Survival/Build off!

WELCOME TO LTCRAFT.NET Ltcraft.net is a private server hosting organization associated with lorentedford.com We started off as a private group of friends playing Minecraft back in the Late 2000s and moved to the public in late 2014. We are rebuilding after I spent some time in the nursing home back in 2020. Welcome to Ltcraft.net please understand we are under construction again as of 07-20-2022. Things we have accomplished so far! Moved ServersRebuilt Bungeecord ServerRebuilt Lobby plugins
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PLAYERS: 0/51200

Toilet Bowl Gaming

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Wholesome Haven

Anarchy server with a couple gameplay bettering plugins! Plugins included: Luckperms,Unlimitedanvil,Images,XPtome,Bettergiants,Zenchantments,Vault,Spigot,FloodgateBukkit,Slimefun,Mythicmobs,Goldenenchants,Modelengine,Wild,Actionhealth
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PLAYERS: 0/100

PerditionPVP 1.15.2 (looking for developers)

Hey my name is Pit and I've been working on this server for a couple of weeks now. The server is in beta and anyone that is interested can play on it normally but we lack a few things. Don't complain as I've stated what were missing and whats not working, be patient. All the basic plugins that I have installed for our factions server are listed below. - SaberFactions - EssentialsX and any surrounding plugins - ClearLagg - Votifier (not configured) - Vault - GuiShop - CombatLog - Wild - SilkS
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teh3l3m3nts Minecraft Server

Welcome! We are a very old and very long-running survival Java Minecraft server. We've been a community since ~2011, and while things are often quiet these days, we've made a pledge to maintain the community for free as long as people want to play. We are a Java server, but support Bedrock clients connecting through the GeyserMC Plugin. We believe in preserving builds and worlds as best as we can, and as such, all of our old worlds are available on the server using the Multiverse Bukkit Plugin,
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Blockrim Realms

Note! Whitelist is now off on this server meaning you can log in and look around BUT if you want to build you still have to go thru the whitelist process! The cause of this change is that a new main spawn has been added. This multilingual but mainly english speaking fantasy survival server has been running since the 1.2.x days and has never been reset except for a few chunks, it is still running the same map now as it did back then. Note! Fantasy does not mean medieval style alone so if you ca
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Ⓜ MatrixPlaysSMP 🔰

The Rule -Be respectful -Be Nice to everyone -Don't start Drama SHOULD NOT END FRIENDSHIPS BECAUSE OF THINGS IN THE SMP -Its just a game Should not cuase end of friendships -if u need help feel free to dm me or Hunter Bailey/matrixplays -NO Stealing, if someone did it to you will not like it -Hacking and Griefing is a Kick Then a Ban If you’re going to troll or prank someone dm me or matrixplays for permission and if yes if you break stuff please you must fix it the list of plugins
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PLAYERS: 0/200


- = = = - === - = = = -⯌- 퓟퓸퓶'퓼 퓖퓪퓻퓭퓮퓷 -⯍- = = = - === - = = = - Pom's Garden is a lovely little SMP you can play entirely just like vanilla how you would regular M.C.! However... with many custom features and tweaks: > Q.oL. Shulker Boxes ⮹ > Crop Auto-Replant ☭ > Timber 望 > Epic Items with Epic Abilities 😎 > New Mobs > Epic Boss Fights > New Fruit Plants > Reworked Nether & End Mechanics > Reworked Terrain Generation The native server version is Pu
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🎅🎄🎁 ✅ Play.MaricopaMC.com 🔮🤓 🎋👔🎄🎅Windows PC CrossPlay Available🐫

Enhanced Vanilla Server 1.19.2 (ViaVersion: Okay to Connect with 1.19.3) The server is open to the public, but I turn ON the WHITE-LIST feature after hours so I can get some sleep. :) If you are whitelisted you can play any time. Public Hours: Server is open M-F : 8am to 10pm P.T. Sat/Sun: 10am to 10pm P.T. I turn ON WHITE-LIST when sleepingI turn OFF WHITE-LIST when awakeWebsite Game Shop (Auto-Add to White List)  Must register as Member to Site (Membership is FREE)  You need a valid
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`` __**TheLifeMC 1.19.2 Economy/Survival Server**__ `` `` **THE SERVER IS OPEN** `` `` VR Compatible `` Realistic Time and Seasons `` Custom Weathers depending on Biome `` Balanced Economy and Shop `` Land Claiming `` 100 Ranks To Work Your Way Through `` Full Coverage Land Protection `` MCMMO Skills/Abilities `` Chatting Emotes `` Advanced Enchantments `` + Many Other Game Enhancing Features `` IP To Connect: **play.thelifemc.org** `` I don't know about you, but I'll be playing! See you the
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Nowhere Land [SMP] {1.19} {Towny} {Player Based Economy} {Semi-Hardcore} {S

Server InfoServer IP mc.Nowhere-Land.netDiscordDiscord ServerRedditr/Nowhere_LandWiki Nowhere Land Wiki Warden Towny Server: Note: You will be randomly teleported upon joining, and this is a big part of the experience here! We HIGHLY suggest joining the discord so that you can easily ask questions if no staff is currently online, and to get help from other players. This is a small community looking for new members! We have JUST relaunched with a brand new, and updated, server world on Januar
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