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Purple Prison (#1 Sponsored Server)

🟪 Purple Prison: The Ultimate Minecraft Prison Experience Since 2014! 🟪 Welcome to Purple Prison! Since our inception in 2014, we've set the standard for Minecraft prison servers. Here is why we stand out among the rest of the servers on this server list, and why joining us is your next great adventure: 🔒 Epic Prison Gameplay: Master our unique prison world, advancing through ranks with our rewarding Prestige System. Every block mined is a step towards greatness. 🛍️ Dynamic M
PLAYERS: 588/1000


Netherite is an innovative, qualitative, and unique Minecraft Network focused on the game modes SMP, Lifesteal, and Skyblock. The network strives towards prospering in every area of the Minecraft space. Our objective is to deliver the most enjoyable gaming experience.
PLAYERS: 2130/2024


Craftadia is a revolutionary Survival experience that focuses on bringing players together unlike ever before! Our server is a grief-free and protected area where anyone and everyone can come online and play with others. We strive to provide a custom experience while maintaining the pure survival gameplay. With every 3 votes on Craftadia, you'll be given a special vote key that you can use to unlock rare and exciting items! We have dungeons, custom shops, land claiming, guilds and so muc
PLAYERS: 330/500

PixelBlock | 1.20.1 Survival | Keep Inventory | Good Vibes

1.20.1 | Bedrock Supported | Good Vibes | Economy | Voter Ranks | Unique Rewards | Pixelblock is a player-driven community that loves to have a good time. Whether you’re playing with friends or taking on the journey solo, Pixelblock is fun for all! So what are you waiting for, come join the fun now!
PLAYERS: 233/500

⭐ Valon Kingdom - Slimefun, EliteMobs, & KeepInventory!

Valon is a newly released survival server that focuses on an immersive and rewarding gameplay experience. We provide a balanced mixture of classic SMP gameplay with the best premium plugins to create an experience that's both unique and engaging. Valon is set in a carefully curated world, designed to encourage community interaction, cooperation, and healthy competition. From intricate landscapes to detailed structures, each element in our world has been meticulously crafted to inspire a se
PLAYERS: 13/36

MCFriendly Survival [Java/Bedrock 1.19.3+] [ECONOMY / KEEP INVENTORY / DISC

We support both JAVA and BEDROCK for MINECRAFT 1.19.3 and 1.19.4 We are A FRIENDLY COMMUNITY! We have a custom DYNAMIC ECONOMY, McMMO, CRATES, UNIQUE RANKS, CLAIM PROTECTION, and MORE! Join the MCFriendly family today! Java IP: play.mcfriendly.us Bedrock IP: MCFriendly Website MCFriendly Discord
PLAYERS: 15/40

🌍 Valon - Towny, Keep Inventory, EliteMobs, McMMO - Unique Survival Adventure 🌍

📢 About Valon Towny: Valon offers an enriched survival experience, blending classic SMP gameplay with elite plugins. Dive into a world promoting community, exploration, and friendly rivalry in our finely-tuned, custom world. 🔗 Connect Now: t.valon.gg t.valon.gg 🌟 Highlights: 🏰 Towny: Claim your territory in Valon! Explore a 12k Size Map.💼 Custom Jobs: Play more, earn more! Monetize your in-game skills.🌟 McMMO: Sharpen your abilities and become the ultimate survivor.💰 Economy: Div

Lightcraft SMP // McMMO + KeepInventory

Welcome to Lightcraft!We're a friendly survival server with a small community which lets you play how you like. Whether you're a builder, PvPer, or just a casual player, you'll find a place for you here. That said, cheating and hacks are not allowed. You can choose to start a base in the wild by buying a Protection Stone, or you can visit the plot area at /warp plots and purchase an area. Kinder EggsEvery hour you can get kinder eggs at spawn by clicking on the enchantment table.

🌞SunnySmile🌞 1.20.1 | Survival | OneBlock | Creative | Cosmetics | Crates | KeepInventory | ChestShops and much more!

What are we? SunnySmile is a semi vanilla server that also has some smaller gamemodes such as oneblock! We aim for players to have a positive experience and making sure that they have the best time possible! Why us? You will have the best time playing on this server! We are brand new with economy, land protection, player chest shops, player warps, crates, semi vanilla, oneblock and much much more! We also have a discord where members of the community can share anything they want! The Survival w

Mystia | 1.20.1 Survival | Keep Inventory | Good Vibes

Welcome to Mystia. Our server has the friendliest community on Minecraft. We're a Network that offers the best of the best Earth, Survival, and Prison, and factions gamemodes. We're always innovating and pushing to improve, and all community feedback gets taken into account and implemented. If you the player wants something changed, added, or removed, we make it happen. Join today to learn all about each gamemodes features! If connecting on Bedrock Edition, or any version of the gam
PLAYERS: 2/5000

Vanilla Plus

NO LAND CLAIMING | NO GRIEF PREVENTION | NO KEEP INVENTORY | PVP ENABLED | RAIDS We have a protected spawn that you can teleport to to make trades, meet up with people or drop down below and pvp. You also have the ability to set homes and tpa so that you can easily get around without having to travel far distances to get to farms, bases or friends. On Vanilla Plus you can have the classic minecraft experience but better, build an epic base, fight to the death or just hang out. Anything is possi
PLAYERS: 182/500


Welcome About the server Vulengate is a community focused survival server where Keep Inventory is enabled and griefing/raiding is strictly prohibited. The economy is community driven, with a variety of ways to earn money. You can join jobs, set up shops or list items on the auction house. To enhance the gameplay, we offer special abilities with mcMMO and there are over 50 custom enchantments available. Players are also able to rank up, in game, using the economy to gain access to new command
PLAYERS: 139/500

CraftYourTown | Towny Survival SMP (1.20)

🏰 CraftYourTown: Build Your Dream World! 🏰 Welcome to CraftYourTown, the best Minecraft server for adventurers like you! 🌟 Join our friendly community of builders, crafters, and explorers, and let your creativity soar! 🎮 Design amazing towns, embark on epic quests, and discover hidden treasures with your new pals. 🌈 With lag-free gameplay, awesome events, and regular updates, there's always something exciting to do! 🎉 So grab your pickaxe, put on your adventurer's hat, and come

The Cavern

The Cavern is a community oriented server, dedicated to providing a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for all sorts of players! Built upon the feedback of players to help ensure the best possible experience, we're certain you'll enjoy your time with us! Slimefun Towny mcMMO Jobs Balanced Economy Pets Player Shops Player Warps Art Competitions Secure Trading Keep Inventory 1,000+ Quest Custom Fishing Marriages Custom Mining Bosses/Dungeon Custom Server Resource Pack
PLAYERS: 31/250

The Cavern | 1.20 Survival Towny, Slimefun, Dungeons, Peaceful Community

Introducing The Cavern The Ultimate Survival Towny Experience... The Cavern is a community oriented server, dedicated to providing a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for all sorts of players! Built upon the feedback of players to help ensure the best possible experience, we're certain you'll enjoy your time with us! ──── Getting Started ──── IP: mc.thecavern.net BEDROCK PORT: 19132 Website: www.thecavern.net Discord: www.thecavern.net/discord Family Friendly / Community Oriented ─
PLAYERS: 31/250

ClassicSurvival - 1.19 PVP/RAID/GRIEF

Classic Survival is a semi-vanilla Minecraft server designed to give the barebones survival experience with a few aids to make your journey easier. With a new map started in March 2023, the server has undergone a slight makeover and an ownership transfer to breathe some new life into it. We offer all our players access to /tpa, allowing you to teleport to your friends without the hassle of having to walk tens of thousands of blocks to find their base. However, this does not mean your base is s
PLAYERS: 25/80

Back2Basics SMP

We are a brand new survival server with completely custom plugins and a fresh map for our players to begin adventuring on. Every player has access to a randomtp so you can find the perfect spot to start your adventure! Other awesome features include : Keep inventory 24/7 server uptime Active owners/admins If you have any questions at all feel free to join our discord and ask! Thank you for your time!!
PLAYERS: 31/32

Meadow SMP

🌷 MEADOW SMP 🌷 is partially also a Streamer SMP which is broadcast on Twitch by different content creators! 👾 ✨ This SMP is not just a Minecraft Server. It's a super chill place with different paths & choices of gameplay to make your experience better and perfectly suited for you. With endless possibilities & ways to have fun together with your friends. 💌 Everyone is welcome to join us! Play from anywhere - both on Java & Bedrock! 🎤 We also have Proximity Voi
PLAYERS: 20/50