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Purple Prison (#1 Sponsored Server)

RATED BEST MINECRAFT SERVER 2023 Our server is no doubt one of the best Minecraft servers to ever exist, to show you what we mean, here is a list of things we provide above other servers to show you why we are the best: CUSTOM PLUGINS - MINING TOKENS AND LARGE TOKEN SHOP! FREQUENT DROPPARTIES - EVERY 30 VOTES! CUSTOM RANKUP REWARDS! CRATE KEYS WHICH GIVE RANDOMLY GENERATED LOOT! PLOT SHOPS SO YOU CAN SET UP YOUR OWN IN-GAME SHOP! AMAZING HIT DETECTION AND NO LAGG VERY WELL BALANCED ECONOMY REGUL
42 Votes
PLAYERS: 576/1000

SoloLegends Base Building Competition

Hola a todos, presentamos el TOP #1 del Base Building Competition en nuestra modalidad de Evil. La temática para este mapa era Escuelas y la faction ganadora fue Sudafrica, quienes en dos semanas y tras intensas batallas lograron construir esta base. TOP #1: https://imgur.com/a/ihv1yAv TOP #2: https://imgur.com/a/tyFhdRl TOP #3: https://imgur.com/a/Bp7qP8a Los invitamos a todos a formar parte de nuestra comunidad de Hardcore Faction.
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PLAYERS: 530/1500

Aurelia RPG + SMP | Builders and Chat Mods NEEDED! | Apply without experien

Hello! I am looking for people who want to be builders, chat mods, and test players. What you might build: small towns, ruins, totems decorations around the world, small boss arenas in my new server. Use your imagination! I can explain the world concept and lore to you when you join. My discord is the best way to get hold of me, Loom#5650 Some basic info would be appreciated, your username, age, any experience and what role you may want to have in the server. Beta players are welcome to ch
1 Votes
PLAYERS: 99/100

NEOSTRALIS - Survival Citybuild Skills Dungeons

Deine Reise beginnt in Hochfels, einem entlegenen Bergdorf. Die Bewohner helfen dir, indem sie dir kurz das Wichtigste erklären und dich mit dem Heißluftballon in die Hauptstadt Iakania schicken. Dort steht dir die ganze Welt offen: Lasse dich in einer der vielen spielergebauten Städte nieder und errichte dort dein Zuhause. Deine Mitbewohner helfen dir und spenden dir Items. Oder wage dich in die Wildnis und mache dir selbst die Natur untertan. Erforsche unsere 120,000 Blöcke weite Custom Welt,
57 Votes
PLAYERS: 0/2023

2builders2tools Argentina

2builders2tools Argentina es un servidor de Minecraft con el objetivo de nunca reiniciar el mundo en un entorno pvp libre para todos, sin reglas, con pocas modificaciones en el modo de juego de supervivencia vainilla. El mundo tiene 0 años y 0 meses, con un tamaño de 15 GBs y más de 2200 jugadores que han aparecido al menos una vez en el mundo.. La IP para conectarse es 2b2t.com.ar
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8b8t is a 1.12.2 anarchy server with no rules anything is allowed including hacking 8b8t supports 1.8.x to 1.17.x but we recommend you play on 1.12.2 for the best experience
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PLAYERS: 42/3000

ALATHRA MC | World Building | RP | Survival

ABOUT THIS SERVER Alathra is a world building and roleplay community focused on creating an interesting history from the events and actions of players within the land of Alathra. We strive to form a friendly community built around a mutual love for Minecraft and storytelling. Alathra is the #2 top searched and played world building server in the world! Maybe you are looking to join one of the grand towns and nations across Alathra. Maybe you want to start your own in undeveloped land. Perhaps y
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PLAYERS: 25/100


Welcome to Horizon’s End! Horizon’s End is a custom coded space Minecraft server. Pilot your very own movable starship, take over entire sectors of space, avoid pirates, use hyperspace to explore the vast galaxy! The galaxy is a 200k x 200k space map, with 17 unique planets to visit. Our server has an active, growing community that is welcoming to all new players. Join a nation or create your own settlement, all with the goal of galactic domination. The possibilities are endless! Horizon’s End
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PLAYERS: 14/15

Builder's Refuge

Welcome to the Builder’s Refuge. The refuge is a passion project we started to accommodate professional Minecraft builders who are looking for a personal or commercial space to build and create art. We offer premium services at no charge along with a network of other builders and resources to help you become successful. Simply put, we cater to builders who are talented and serious about making art. To explain, most professional builders have access to their own server, while many lack access to
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PLAYERS: 11/300

PirateCraft - Pirate themed minecraft server, build working ships and canno

⚓ Connect: mc.piratemc.com ⚓ Website: https://www.piratemc.com ⚓ Discord: https://discord.piratemc.com ⚓ Rules: https://piratemc.com/information/rules/ ⚓ Live Map: https://piratemc.com/map/ ⚓ Getting Started: https://piratemc.com/guides/getting-started/ ⚓ Detailed Guides: https://piratemc.com/guides/ About us PirateCraft is a Pirate themed Minecraft survival server. We're a 8 year old tight-knit community that’s developed over the years into a wonderful family. Our ethos for running
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WesterosCraft | Build and Explore the World of Ice and Fire |

About WesterosCraft Our mission is to recreate the universe imagined by author George RR Martin in his book series A Song of Ice and Fire (ASoIaF) as accurately and precisely as possible within the confines of Minecraft, in an effort to custom create a world which will be the stage for a roleplaying game. In pursuit of this endeavor we aim to provide a friendly and encouraging atmosphere for our creative community at all times. To accomplish this we use online forums, a wiki, a dynamic map, t
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PLAYERS: 6/100

Minecart Rapid Transit - A Community for Transportation and City-Building E

We are a tight-knit community of transit enthusiasts who love to build modern towns and cities, and the transportation networks that connect them together. On the server, you will find everything from rural towns to towering metropolises, grand train stations and expansive airports, and much more. Also on many weekends, you can find our members self-organizing and participating in special events on the server, including sports competitions and game shows. Our Origins The MRT was started in 2012
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Minedonia | Free Build | Role-Play | World Edit

Minedonia Est. 2021 | Turning Your Dreams to Reality About Us Minedonia is an open-world, free-to-build roleplay server with two worlds - a collaborative City World (main world), and a 125x125 Plot World for build creations that may not fit in the city; or for just letting your imagination run wild! We have a dedicated community of builders, and laid-back players to play and hangout with! We have server rollbacks and daily backups created so all your creations are safe! We also have many reso
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PLAYERS: 5/100

[ohboii] Survival Server (Freebuild)

---===[​OHBOII]===---KLASSISCHER SURVIVAL SERVER Der [​ohboii] Survival-Server stellt sich gegen den Trend der PvP und Minispiel-Server. Wir bieten einen klassischen Survival-Freebuild, wie man es im Jahre 2011 noch von vielen großen Servern gewohnt war. In unserem Freebuild kannst du ganz deinen Minecraft-Gewohnheiten nachgehen, wir setzen kaum Limits, welche dein Erlebnis einschränken. Wir wollen das Vanilla-Minecraft Gameplay durch ein paar kleine Komfort-Features ergänzen, welche insbeson
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Build at Night - A True No Donation Server

Build at Night is server for people who love Minecraft by people who love Minecraft. We are a server that tries to stay true to vanilla roots while supporting a few enhanced conveniences like /homes, protections, ChestShop and Portable Horses. We DO NOT take donations or contributions of any kind. We offer a large world with plenty of space for you to stake a claim. For those who prefer to build with others there are managed towns. No Griefing, Raiding or PVP. We employ a couple plugin bas
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Creative Craft 24/7 Creative Building Server!

⊗ Creative Craft 24/7 Building Server ⊗ Why us? We are a building community. We are family friendly. Our goal is to create a community of friends and players who build together to make awesome creations! We have a plot system. You can claim a certain number of building places and use them whenever you like! And no one else can edit them unless you want them too! You can build alone or with friends!Bored? We have mob arena! Team up with other players to fight waves of mobs! More mini-games comi
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PLAYERS: 2/160