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Purple Prison (#1 Sponsored Server)

🟪 Purple Prison: The Ultimate Minecraft Prison Experience Since 2014! 🟪 Welcome to Purple Prison! Since our inception in 2014, we've set the standard for Minecraft prison servers. Here is why we stand out among the rest of the servers on this server list, and why joining us is your next great adventure: 🔒 Epic Prison Gameplay: Master our unique prison world, advancing through ranks with our rewarding Prestige System. Every block mined is a step towards greatness. 🛍️ Dynamic M
PLAYERS: 690/1000


Netherite is an innovative, qualitative, and unique Minecraft Network focused on the game modes SMP, Lifesteal, and Skyblock. The network strives towards prospering in every area of the Minecraft space. Our objective is to deliver the most enjoyable gaming experience.
PLAYERS: 2380/2024


Craftadia is a revolutionary Survival experience that focuses on bringing players together unlike ever before! Our server is a grief-free and protected area where anyone and everyone can come online and play with others. We strive to provide a custom experience while maintaining the pure survival gameplay. With every 3 votes on Craftadia, you'll be given a special vote key that you can use to unlock rare and exciting items! We have dungeons, custom shops, land claiming, guilds and so muc
PLAYERS: 320/500


BlueFox is a welcoming and lively Minecraft server. It offers a unique and enjoyable gaming experience for players of all ages and skill levels. With beautiful landscapes and endless possibilities, BlueFox allows you to explore, battle, and collaborate with friends. Our active community, regular events, and attentive staff ensure a safe and fun environment for all players. Join us today and unleash your creativity in this captivating Minecraft realm. Our current gamemodes: - Anarchy - Boxpvp -
PLAYERS: 22/23

0.MINR.ORG - The Premier Parkour, Puzzle and Maze Server (Since 2010!)

Server IP: zero.minr.org Version: 1.20.2 Website: forums.minr.org/ Discord: minr.org/discord Rules/FAQ Page: wiki.minr.org Welcome to one of the oldest servers in Minecraft. We pride ourselves on being one of the oldest challenge servers in Minecraft and the oldest donation free server. Our map and community is over 13 years old with our creation date being the 22nd of October 2010. We specialize in challenges such as parkours, mazes, puzzles, adventure maps and hybrid challenges consistin
PLAYERS: 45/150


Cynagen basically another survival multiplayer server. This is very unfortunate. This is a small community server! Cynagen is a classic survival multiplayer server that focuses on the core aspects of Minecraft; building, exploring, and surviving. We have some extra features on the server which will further enhance your experience on the server. We do not tolerate griefing on the server and we try to provide a friendly community where players can and enjoy their time online
PLAYERS: 19/40

QuickPvP.de | FFA, GunGame | 1.8 - 1.19

wir sind ein neues Minecraft Netzwerk, welches sich auf PvP spezialisiert hat. Der Server kann ab der Minecraft-Version 1.8.x bis zur 1.19.2 betreten werden. Wir empfehlen allerdings, den Server mit der Version 1.8.9 zu betreten, um Bugs zu vermeiden. Wer wir sind: Die Serverleitung besteht aus zwei Leuten, die seit längerer Zeit überlegen, einen eigenen Server zu gründen. Mit der Erfahrung, die wir in den letzten Jahren sammeln konnten, haben wir nun unser eigenes Minecraft-Netzwerk veröffentl

Diversity Network

Diversity is a growing survival multiplayer server with a lot of potential. We have a great community and are always looking for new players to come and join us! Upon joining you will be forced to read the rules before moving on to play on the server. Make sure you read them! Once you promote yourself, you will then start progressing through the Levels, we currently have 30 levels in total. Levels are gained based on play time. The higher your level, the more perks you will have, these can inc


Wir sind ein Server die es versuchen sich von anderen Servern zu unterscheiden mit Spielmodis, die nicht jeder hat z.b. EnderGuns oder was in Arbeit ist eine version von Platoon dennoch bieten wir aber auch noch die Standard Spielmodis an wie TTT, BedWars, SkyWars, Survival und verschiedene Projekte! aber bis her alles in arbeit! aber wir melden uns wen alles fertig ist und es los geht :D! CloseBETA: EndOfLife Um sich für die BETA zu registrieren einfach auf unseren Discord schauen in #infos-ne

Micro HR

=========================== Dobrodosli na micro server Hard Survival Premium HR-EN Welcome To Micro Server ===========================

Eternity MC

What is Eternity MC? Eternity MC is an Asian Minecraft Server. Why should we join Eternity MC? We should join Eternity MC because of the following features : 24/7 Server | Lifesteal Feature | Weekly Events | Giveaways Once a Week | Friendly and Active Staff | Custom Ranks
PLAYERS: 0/100


Welcome to SoupBucketOnline! A Minecraft 1.18.1 Enchanced Survival server for those seeking fun and casual gameplay. Claim your land to prevent Griefing! Gain additional rewards through voting and other unique ways! Come join us and bring your friends for referral rewards. Get your FREE Ranks by playing today! Plugins include: CMI (Tons of basic commands like /home, like essentials), CoreProtect (Rollback tool), GriefPrevention (Land Claiming), HeadDatabase, mcMMO, Referral, Shopkeepers, Vo


HyperNetwork is a rapidly growing server, that started in May 2022. We offer a highly optimized PvP, Box, and Survival server. Additionally, we frequently host events, such as; Civilization Events, UHC Events, Hunger Games And many more on the way.. We gift the winners special prizes, such as; discord Nitro and Gift cards.

Habitat Hub

With habitat hub, you can PvP, Mine, and Survive on an island with friends! There's lifesteal meaning if you kill someone you gain extra hearts but be careful you lose them on death.


Wer ist Survivalkreis.de? Survivalkreis.de ist eine Zusammenkunft von Oddysee_88, Dumbatz01, LittleAngle, Richy_P, Refaex__, TheGame180 und Maritath21. Der Server wurde am 19.03.2021 erstellt und finanziert sich durch 3 Personen vom Team von ganz alleine, so das Spieler nicht gezwungen sind bei uns Spenden oder sonstiges zu hinterlassen außer die Zeit die sie zum Spielen hier lassen. Mit welcher Version kann ich bei Survivalkreis.de spielen? Wir unterstützen die Versionen 1.8.x - 1.19.3 We

》Helixon.eu ✵ | 1.8 - 1.20.2 | Survival | Minihry | Špeciálna Minihra a mnoho ďalšieho! ✵

Slovak ➥Navštív náš náš nový Survival server, ktorý beží na verzií 1.20.2 s podporou starších verzií. ➥ Náš server sa snažíme vždy udržiavať na najnovšej verzií. **Survival 1.20.2** Na serveri nájdeš Survival, Economy, Shop, Profesie a rôzne vychytávky možnosti obchodovať s hráčmi cez Aukcie alebo ChestShop. ➥ Tak neváhaj a pripoj sa k nám a staň sa súčasťou našej komunity! English ➥Visit our new Survival server, which runs on version 1.20.2 with support for older versions. ➥ We always t
PLAYERS: 1/100


UniqueCraft is a unique minecraft survival server. The server has its own economy/money system and that means we have shops too! In shop (/shop) you can buy almost everything in minecraft (even spawners) UniqueCraft also has a CustomWorldGenerator! This means the terrerian is not basic and boring. Does UniqueCraft sound fun to you? Join us today! UniqueCraft.minehut.gg

The Official Modcraft Server

Closed ServerAdditional NotesThe official server for your favorite minecraft modding tool modcraft !
PLAYERS: 0/4711