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Address: Owner: CyanClay Last ping: 7 hours ago Last sucessfull ping: 7 hours ago Uptime this month: 100% Version: 1.14.2

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What is Valcraft? started as a small family friendly server with a unique survival world. It slowly grew to what it is today, a network of a heavily modded survival server without the need for client side mods, a large creative server, a skyblock server, a minigames server, and a quaint vanilla server. Modded Survival: Come explore our ever growing different biomes, settle down in a town, raise your mcmmo levels, or even try out our 70+ new enchantments! So much to help you start off, including Jetpacks, Backpacks, and even new recipes! Better Vanilla: Custom terrain, better crafting recipes, and even better mob spawning! Whats not to enjoy while still keeping the pure vanilla vibe! Creative: Join our creative server and grab a plot to let your imagination run wild! Build too much for one plot? Why not have another?! Skyblock: Better starting islands, more recipes, mcmmo?! Whats not to love at 100 blocks in the air?!


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