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Address: quiveruniverse.mcnh.co Owner: Last ping: never Last sucessfull ping: never Uptime this month: Version:
Website: http://quiveruniverse.enjin.com/

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IP:quiveruniverse.mcnh.co Website: http://quiveruniverse.enjin.com/ QuiverUniverse is looking for members of all ages who are active, looking for a great experience of a cared for server to join, and one that is online 24/7! Main Plugins: Factions (Clans/Guilds) MCMMO (RPG Skill Leveling) NoCheatPlus (Blocks Hacks) CombatLog (No logging while fighting.) Essentials (Main commands.) MobArena (Fight monsters in specific arenas and get rewards.) Features: - Raiding & Griefing: Steal your enemies loot and blow up their base! - mcMMO: Level up skills! - Auction: Auction off goods to fellow players. - Shop: Sell/Buy items with the easy-to-use shop! - ObsidianDestroyer: TNT will break obsidian after 3 explodes. - Factions: Get faction power down and take over other's land!


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