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Address: manic-craft.ddns.net Owner: mystical Last ping: 1 minutes ago Last sucessfull ping: 1 minutes ago Uptime this month: 100% Version: 1.8
Website: http://manic-craft-ddns-net.enjin.com/home

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Hey Guys and girls, ever wanted to be a super hero and play minecraft Well now you can on Manic-Craft Manic- Craft is a Marvel and DC server. So that allows for more diversity of role playing on the server. So feel free to try and sign up for a character on the forums Char. Apps . In addition to this we have a normal survival world, mini games world , skyblock, Plus huge plots in the creative world where all players have world edit perms. In both superheroes world and survival worlds players have the chance to rank up to get extra perms like fly. So come and join us to play


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