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Our server is no doubt one of the best Minecraft servers to ever exist, to show you what we mean, here is a list of things we provide above other servers to show you why we are the best:
...аnd so much more!
So what are you waiting for? Join Today! :D

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Players: 480/1000
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Minecraft Prison Servers

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IMC Prison 1.8-1.19.3

IMC Prison 1.8-1.19.3

IMC Prison 1.0
!! New ownership !!
Ever wanted to play with a community and compete for rewards?
Join imc.prison.com today!
We offer exclusive rewards for both donators and non donators!
We will try our best to accomodate to your needs aswell as any suggestions you provide throughout our seasons!
Seaons are 3 months long with buycraft payouts!
We will be offering paypal payouts at some point in the future of the server!
Please join the ip above and join this amazing community today!
Versions: 1.9-1.18
Discord: discord.gg/kujG9w8V7Z

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Players: 1/30 file_copy

[W.I.P] Mobland Prison!

[W.I.P] Mobland Prison!

Mobland prison! A Classic/OP Style prison server! You must grind, scam, and fight other players to reach freedom! Voting for the sever can give you a chance at unlocking some great items!

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Players: 3/2
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Hello My Server Is An Aternos Server Thats Not 24/7 I Only Posted This Server To get Visitors it will only have me and you i cant set it as more than 2 people or ill get a server timeout for slots not full (I Know It Sucks) Id Love To Have Visitors So Feel Free To Join

0 Votes
Players: 2/0
AternosPrisonNetwork.aternos.me file_copy

OPGods Network [Prison] [1.8-1.15.2] [Custom Enchants] [Custom Plots]

OPGods Network [Prison] [1.8-1.15.2] [Custom Enchants] [Custom Plots]

OPGods, a minecraft network based on Prison and more to come soon! If you are looking for a prison with custom enchants, custom ranks, Crates, enchants and much more, this might be the place for you! Any Minecraft version from 1.8-1.15.2!

0 Votes
Players: 1/100
opgods.net file_copy

DarkMC - OP Prison

We are a new prison server with lots of exciting plans for the future. We have a fully custom spawn with custom gambling and an amazing rank system with custom enchants.

0 Votes
Players: 3/300
play.darkmc.net file_copy

Pink Prison

Pink Prison

Hello world, hello you!
Welcome to PinkPrison! We're pretty sure that your search for a nice Minecraft server has now come to an final end.
Our server offers you exactly the features you were probably looking for. With over 100 custom-made plugins, we offer sufficient and unique features that give the gamemode prison a whole new meaning. In addition to our incredibly cool, user-oriented rewards for working in the mines or participating in events, we offer expandable plots in the form of islands, which you can completely adapt to your own wishes. We didn't leave anything out in PVP either. From regular armor to custom enchanted armor, everything is included. Anyone who joins our community today will receive a free seasonal crate as a first-join gift. Many many more rewards are still waiting to be claimed on our server. Just like mini-games. Have we already told you about one of our top highlights? The itemflip. A delicious way to pit your good items against other players in an item flip. Just like in our coinflip and our crash, roulette or rps system, the winner gets the entire bet. We have a lot more features & we could talk about them for hours, but, how about you just pay us a visit, since you have read our advertising text up to here? We are really looking forward to see you soon!
We've also planned big and crazy updates for the future, so keep yourself up-to-date and always check the ⎾📢⏌announcements channel on our discord for recent or upcoming updates!

0 Votes
Players: 2/1000
join.pinkprison.org file_copy

Galactic Prison

SEASON 5 RELEASE- Full Reset. The Prison Server is a progression server with OP Pick upgrades, Custom Enchants, Custom Achievements, 25+ ranks, 99+ Prestiges, and 14+ Prestige Challenges. There are also plots to build on.

0 Votes
Players: 1/0
gp.mcspacecraft.net file_copy

BreakoutINC - Just reset prison! - Needs staff!

BreakoutINC - Just reset prison! - Needs staff!

BreakoutINC is a SkyBlock and Prison network. We have features like inventory pets, mob coins, a commissary and more. Come join our server and explore. Make your way to the top, and have fun with other players. Come join the fun @ mc.breakoutinc.net

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Players: 3/0
mc.breakoutinc.net file_copy

Kryptonite Prison

Kryptonite Prison

We are currently in partner ship with Kryptonite Factions!
The owner of Kryptonite Factions is: guitar_moneyHD and the ip for the server is kryptonite.vgmc.us
The owner of Kryptonite Prison is: xXJeffXx_Gamez and the server ip is
We are going to bungee in the future! Thanks have a nice day!

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Players: 3/80 file_copy


Welcome to PrisonicMC, a brand new prison and factions experience specifically designed to keep players entertained at all times!
Prison System: You are a prisoner who must advance through the ranks in the mines, mining rare ores and selling them for money. Don't worry, you will have access to custom and interesting bombs to help you in your duty!
Drugs: As an unusual feature in a prison server we have drugs! You are now able to cultivate your own drugs at home and sell them in order to get profit. There are several types and they differ in growth speed, animations, selling price and more!
Guilds and Guild Wars: As you get through the prison ranks you may want to join a guild and help your guildmates defend their base and conquer others in the guild wars! Two guilds, two bases, lots of players face off in a deadly battle for your guild's supplies!
Crates: By chance when mining or buying ranks you will get various classes of crates, which can give you lots of fun rewards, which can be purely aesthetical or even donator ranks!
Were Excited to see you on the server today! and we hope you have found a new experience that you really enjoy!

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Players: 2/60 file_copy

Ultra Prison

IP: play.ultraprison.org
IP: play.ultraprison.org
IP: play.ultraprison.org
Fully custom prison experience with a lot to offer! JOIN NOW!!
- Auto Miners!
- Lucky Blocks!
- Plots!
- Custom Enchants!
- Need staff!

0 Votes
Players: 3/0
play.ultraprison.org file_copy

SolitudeMC Classic Prison OPEN BETA

SolitudeMC Classic Prison OPEN BETA

SolitudeMC announces it's official open beta! SolitudeMC is a classic style prison server with hundreds of custom items and a LOT to do!
We have quests, dungeons, boss fights, pvp, and of course... mines! This really is a 1 of a kind prison experience so Join today!
Keep in mind, this is OPEN BETA, meaning not every feature is fully implemented yet but we are working daily to get new content added constantly!
IP: Play.SolitudeMC.Net
Discord: https://discord.gg/5SQWS5CXgB
PS: We are looking for staff!

0 Votes
Players: 2/250
Play.SolitudeMC.Net file_copy

🔮⭐Allium Prison⭐🔮 [Non OP/Classic Prison✔️| Hardcore Economy✔️| Guards✔️]

🔮⭐Allium Prison⭐🔮 [Non OP/Classic Prison✔️| Hardcore Economy✔️| Guards✔️]

SERVER IP: [mc.alliumprison.com]
Allium Prison Server was built by players who have run, played, and managed prison servers for years. This is a prison built by the prisoners, for the prisoners, and run by the prisoners. Whether you’re someone looking to risk opening shop in a bustling economy, rule the underground with flashy PvP skills, or help manage the prison, Allium Prison is prepared to answer everyone's experience in a fair and fun way.
. Prisoners start sentenced to life in Allium Prison. There, they work for resources, constantly in danger from each other. Gang-ridden passageways, crooked shopkeepers, and hidden corridors keep players on alert. Once settled in, players can explore economic markets, managing prison gangs, complete quests, or apply for a staff position and help keep prisoners safe.
This is your first rank in the prison. You are brand new prisoners who mine in an iron and coal mine, play parkour, and chop trees to make your money. You can explore player markets, but have very few tools to defend yourself from violent prisoners. Keep working! Leave A-Block and grow your reputation!
These prisoners have survived C-Block, and have proven themselves as hard and tough inmates. B prisoners mine for gold, clay, and lapis. B- prisoners are allowed to buy plots of land or market stalls in the prison, additionally, they have access to bigger cells than those found in C-Block. B-Block is populated with smarter and more cunning prisoners, giving reputation as the bull dog block. This is where you meet your loyal friends, and potentially start to make a few enemies as well...
Diamonds! These prisoners get to witness the first chance on getting diamonds from their mine. A-Prisoners are the middle rank of the prison and are known to be the shopkeepers. These prisoners have emerged from the PvP contaminated ranks below, and are best suited to dabble in the markets as owners and workers, or creating a gang which the guards fear!
These prisoners are some of the prison's elite, and are only one rank away from reaching parole and are commonly working for that goal as fast as possible. These prisoners can be seen rarely, usually darting in and out of prisoners. Word to the wise, these prisoners are usually running gangs and getting on their bad side isn’t a smart thing to do.

0 Votes
Players: 2/25
mc.alliumprison.com file_copy


Aspired Prison is an non op prison server. What is a prison server? you might be asking yourself. While in prison, your main goal is to mine resources, sell them and buy your self out of jail. But other players can kill you, potentiality setting you back,

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Players: 1/5 file_copy


Welcome to FantasyMC!
We are a brand new network launched in 2022 that supports both java and bedrock players.
We currently offer and specialize in Skyblock/Prison improving both as we grow!
Discord: https://discord.gg/7MGt8bQSFK

0 Votes
Players: 3/50
play.fantasyprison.net file_copy
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