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Purple Prison (#1 Sponsored Server)

RATED BEST MINECRAFT SERVER 2023 Our server is no doubt one of the best Minecraft servers to ever exist, to show you what we mean, here is a list of things we provide above other servers to show you why we are the best: CUSTOM PLUGINS - MINING TOKENS AND LARGE TOKEN SHOP! FREQUENT DROPPARTIES - EVERY 30 VOTES! CUSTOM RANKUP REWARDS! CRATE KEYS WHICH GIVE RANDOMLY GENERATED LOOT! PLOT SHOPS SO YOU CAN SET UP YOUR OWN IN-GAME SHOP! AMAZING HIT DETECTION AND NO LAGG VERY WELL BALANCED ECONOMY REGUL
42 Votes
PLAYERS: 606/1000

ExplorerMC | 1.19.3 | Semi-Vanilla | 18+ | Player-Driven Economy | Communit

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/Nm4Nc4dz2z <<<< JOIN TO APPLY (#how-to-apply channel)Server Address: apply to get access to the server!Dynmap: apply to get access to the Dynmap! Welcome to ExplorerMC! This server was originally founded on 04/06/2021 as a private server for just me and a few friends. When interest dwindled, we went private until we decided to open up the server again to new people. We aspire to be a close-knit community that is friendly and open to new people and
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PLAYERS: 1/100

Serta Earth- Towny

ON MAINTENANCE FOR 6 HOURS Welcome to Serta Earth, where the world of Minecraft meets the scale of Earth itself! Embark on an epic journey across a 1:750 scale Earth map, where you'll explore continents, build civilizations, and conquer the lands. With the McMMO and Towny plugins, you'll experience gameplay like never before. Features: Explore Our World: Immerse yourself in a stunning Earth map with a 1:750 scale, where you can traverse real-life continents and landmarks. Forge Your
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PLAYERS: 92/69420

Creation Nation

Creation Nation offers a custom feature packed unique survival server experience that is focused around a player driven economy with a friendly community that was established in March 2011! Some of the unique and custom features we offer include: Markets (A completely custom made system, the Coal, Gold, Diamond and Emerald Markets are exclusive server markets with specific membership requirements that players can unlock. They offer 6 special tiered server shops and over 25 unique perks, many of
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PLAYERS: 75/200


CarbonCraft is an enhanced survival server with many quality-of-life and gameplay improvements carefully curated to improve your Minecraft experience. Our experienced and mature staff team is always ready and willing to assist you at every step on your adventure! Some unique aspects of CarbonCraft include: - Quality-of-life improvements such as player teleportation, sethome, & personal warps. - Ability to create shops, barter, trade, and accumulate wealth with our robust player-driven economy
60 Votes
PLAYERS: 11/100

The Seed | 1.13+ Survival | SKYBLOCK | NO GRIEF | PETS | PLAYER SHOPS | FRI

The Seed was created with one thing in mind - Minecraft. For the players that are looking for a server that has countless custom-coded features, The Seed isn't for you. While we do have custom features, our goal is to keep The Seed simple and community-based for those that just want to play Minecraft with friends. So, here's what we offer: - Player Shops | Anybody and everybody is allowed to create their own shop - Player Warps | Once you are a Nomad (play for one hour), you can create public w
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PLAYERS: 40/300

🌞 Sunny Survival 🌞 - 1.17.1 Survival - New Server - Friendly

Sunny Survival exists to simply give Minecraft lovers a place to play together. We have: - A fantastic player-driven economy system that allows you to create your own shops to sell or buy items from other players, or simply just trade with players within the community. - A small but friendly community - Lag-free gameplay - Simple, vanilla Minecraft. We hope to see you online!
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PLAYERS: 36/250


CompassCraft; a server with a heavy focus on player driven world-building, our vision is to create a truly dynamic and ever evolving RPG experience on Minecraft. As a result, we've built a server where players have control over every facet of both themselves and the world at large. Whether it be through your race, class and skills, or the alliances you make and gear you're equipped with; you, the player, have the ability to guide the progression of your character and influence the worl
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PLAYERS: 6/200

MineTexas - Towny PVE, Hardcore, PVP, Arena, Anarchy, Civcraft, Creative

Server Address/IP: MineTexas.com Game Play Types: aberon.MineTexas.com - Casual CivilizationCraft [1.11] anarchy.MineTexas.com - Semi-Vanilla No-Rules PVP [1.13] arena.MineTexas.com - Semi-Vanilla Kit-PVP Arena [1.8-1.13] creative.MineTexas.com - Full Creative plots [1.13] hc.minetexas.com - Semi-Vanilla Hardcore Deathban [1.13] pve.MineTexas.com - Towny PVE [1.13] pvp.MineTexas.com - Faction PVP [1.9-1.12+] empress.MineTexas.com - Competritive CivilizationCraft [1.12] Plugins Vary by Server Ru
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PLAYERS: 6/500

Near Vanilla [Semi-Vanilla] [SMP] {Mature 18+} {Java} {Whitelisted} {Commun

Near Vanilla is a close-knit community server where we’ve created an environment where players come together to build, collect, explore, and have fun. The perks of being a member can be seen in our cooperative builds, player competitions, vibrant shopping district, and other events. All play styles are welcome, from those who want to venture out on their own to those who want to work cooperatively with others. We’re sure you will find exactly what you are looking for in your SMP experience while
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CoffeeCraft [SMP] {1.19.4} {Java} {200+ Custom Enchants} {MCMMO} {Crypto Ma

CoffeeCraft is a long-term friendly Custom Survival server! Are you looking for something fresh? Bored with basic survival? You've GOT to check us out! We keep the spirit of Minecraft, but seasoned with features that enhance the entire experience. Gain skills, unique landscapes, custom world generation, 200+ Custom Enchants and so much more. Best of all? CoffeeCraft has a very active and chill community! Want to make some new friends, fast? Give us a try! Features Include: Fresh 1.19.2 WorldCu
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PLAYERS: 4/100

Sunrise SMP

🌟 About Us 🌟 Sunrise SMP is more than just another Minecraft server; it's a community where players unite to build, explore, and engage in a vibrant in-game economy. Elevate your survival experience on our 1.20.1 server, tailored with a variety of plugins and features for a unique and immersive gameplay. 🌳 Core Features 🛠 Survival Focused: Immerse yourself in a survival world that stays true to the vanilla experience. 💰 Economy: Dive into a deep and interactive economy with variou
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United Lands

Welcome to United Lands! We are a Towny-based Earth SMP that strives persistently to bring a unique experience to everyone. Here's a quick run down of our main features! 🌎 World Map:Our world map is a 1:500 Earth-based world! We allow nations to claim unlimited amount of lands to help shape borders as necessary. The upkeep costs are also relatively low, and you can get discounts for having more members in your nation or town, or through winning wars! ⚒ Gameplay:At our core, we're still an Ear
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PLAYERS: 3/500

NiftySMP (1.18.x - 1.19.4) (Earth Towny)

Looking for a Casual yet engaging Earth Survival Server with a Tycoon-style RPG experience? Look no further than NiftySMP! With Towny, you can claim your own territory and build prosperous cities and nations with friends! Earn money through Jobs and McMMO, create your own Player Shops and sell items in the Auction House! With over 1300+ Custom Quests and 28 Custom Ranks to climb, there are always new perks and rewards waiting for you on play.niftysmp.com! Join us today and start your adven
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PLAYERS: 3/125


Semi-Vanilla 1.19 server! Come join with your friends or make new friends and play Minecraft the way it was meant to be played! IP: play.homesteadmc.us ~~ABOUT~~ Our server includes anti-grief plugins that will keep everything you've worked for safe. Any grief or theft will be undone, your chests, furnaces, and any valuables protected. Player versus Player is disabled server-wide apart from being enabled in the server made arena and other user made arenas. Buy and sell items with the player dri
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PLAYERS: 2/100


Features - Create a town or join one (Towny Survival) - Rank up in game (/rankup) - Join jobs and earn money - Player driven economy - 15 skills to level up - Resource world for gathering resources - and a lot more!
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PLAYERS: 2/2022