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Purple Prison (#1 Sponsored Server)

RATED BEST MINECRAFT SERVER 2023 Our server is no doubt one of the best Minecraft servers to ever exist, to show you what we mean, here is a list of things we provide above other servers to show you why we are the best: CUSTOM PLUGINS - MINING TOKENS AND LARGE TOKEN SHOP! FREQUENT DROPPARTIES - EVERY 30 VOTES! CUSTOM RANKUP REWARDS! CRATE KEYS WHICH GIVE RANDOMLY GENERATED LOOT! PLOT SHOPS SO YOU CAN SET UP YOUR OWN IN-GAME SHOP! AMAZING HIT DETECTION AND NO LAGG VERY WELL BALANCED ECONOMY REGUL
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PLAYERS: 588/1000

Advancius Network **FREE RANKS**

BEDROCK EDITION PORT: 19132 Advancius Network is dedicated to creating quality experiences for everyone! Come join our welcoming community! We offer a 100% free rank system designed to reward skill and hard work that is integrated into a wide variety of different game modes, including: - Skyblock - Factions - Survival - Prison - Creative Plots - KitPvP - Dropper - Parkour - Bed Wars - Hide and Seek - Murder Mystery - Duels - UHC - BuildBattle - The Maze - Tower Defense - Survival Games - Par
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PLAYERS: 115/300

MoG Network

╭━─━─━─≪ ❖≫─━─━─━╮ ⛏️ MoG Network ⚔️ ╰━─━─━─≪ ❖≫─━─━─━╯ ★ What is MoG Network? ☆MoG Network is a public Minecraft server where all players can play at one place and enjoy. This server has gamemodes that a perfect servers needs like: Survival, Bedwars, Practice, Minigames and many more that you can play in our server. We also have our server cosmetics that gives you special look. This Indian server was created only for you guys. Some players have ping issues so thats why this server is hosted i
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PLAYERS: 55/1000

Azerith Network

Azerith Asia operates under Azerith Network (a global network of servers run by Academy Gaming). Unique Minecraft Experience in Nepal Build your heart out together with your friends. 1.8-1.19 Java Support, Bedrock Support, Gamemodes are: Slimefun Survival, Bedwars, Arcade Minigames and Much More Slimefun Survival: Massive Custom Spawn, Balanced Economy Crates, Kits and Warps, PVP Arena, Custom Currency, In game ranking system, Custom Enchants and Recipies, Market for Player Shops Arcade
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PLAYERS: 16/200


Checkout Minescape on https://minescape.net The network contains A LOT of unique features such as custom sounds, UIs, cosmetics, challenges, a season pass, .... and of course games! We have over 50 different mini-games playable on a game board or in our party mode. We also have three major games, here is a list of our games with a brief deion of each: Minescape. One of our most popular games. Minescape is a game inspired by Runescape. It contains more than 20 kills, quests, mobs, sounds, a gr
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PLAYERS: 12/200


Description Who are we? We are a Minecraft community invested in exploring new gameplay ideas to be integrated with vanilla Minecraft. On Cavetale, you can play the way you want. Play the core vanilla game, undisturbed. Progress in our custom made skills system with its extensive talent tree. Build a city together with the rest of the community and let our custom made convenience features assist you. Take your friends on an exciting monster raid or other hosted regular events. Who are you? Yo
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PLAYERS: 11/100

Obscuros Pixelmon

Server IP: mc.playobscuros.com Obscuros is a feature-packed and community-based Pixelmon server running Reforged Looking for a Pixelmon Server? We offer a home that never resets, where you can play any way you want. Whether that's casual survival style with progression or adventure-like with challenges, or party-like with minigames, we got it all in one creative package with a lot of heart. Come join us and let us surprise you with a truly unique and original experience like you've never see
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PLAYERS: 6/100

Lands of Minearchy | 1.19.X | RPG | SMP | Labyrinth | Minigames | KitPVP |

Hello everyone! We are Lands of Minearchy, a Minecraft server network that has been in the works for the past 8 years. We currently have: RPG, Minigames, SMP, KitPVP, Labyrinth, Hub. With a custom built maps, custom mobs, items, classes, skills, and quests there is so much to explore within the server! On the Minigames server you can play fun games like TNT Tag, Prophunt, Temple Run, Mini Walls, Splegg, Bomb Lobbers, Quake, TNT Run, Block Party, Party Games (multiple minigames in 1) and m
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PLAYERS: 5/500

Gamers Playground

Java and Bedrock 헰헿헼혀혀-헽헹헮혁헳헼헿헺 JAVA: 헽헹헮혆.헴헽-헺헰.헻헲혁 BEDROCK (PE/W10): 헯헲헱헿헼헰헸.헴헽-헺헰.헻헲혁 and port: 19132  - Free ranks as rewards for leveling up (Network wide) - We don't accept MONEY from our players (NOT PAY-to-WIN) - Small community, we are all friends here ⚒️ | NEW [​1.18.1] Vanilla Survival no plugins, no claims, no teleports, NO HACKING UPGRADED [​1.18.1] Axolotl Survival [​Dynamic Economy] AMPLIFIED world, Jobs, Quests, Claims, mcMMO and more! UPGRADED [​1.18.1] Kevin Survival Purist
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PLAYERS: 3/1000

SurvivalCraft Survival and Skyblock

SurvivalCraft has been around for a little more over a year now, and in that time we have created a friendly, community-driven server that welcomes all new players. Our staff-team is dedicated to make sure every player has a fun and fair playing experience. We can guarantee this by keeping the community relatively small, which in turn makes sure we are able to monitor what is going on at all times. At the moment we offer: SurvivalSkyblockMinigames (Party Games, Bed Wars, Hide and Seek and Bom
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PLAYERS: 2/100


Welcome to AFCRAFT, where the possibilities are endless! Our server offers both a survival world and a minigames lobby, so you can choose to embark on a solo adventure or join forces with friends and compete in various games. Our survival world is an immersive experience - Our dedicated community has built some extraordinary things! On the other hand, our minigames lobby has a plethora of high-quality minigames to choose from, including Bedwars, Spleef, Hunger Games, Quake, Party Games, and so
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Hystate | Survival & Creative

Hystate is a brand new SMP server that offers a myriad of features to enhance your experience while keeping the gameplay challenging and engaging. The server offers a total of nine server ranks that are achievable free of charge as you progress on the server. As you make your way up the ranking system, you will unlock perks and benefits to help you along your journey in making your way to the final ranks. The ECONOMY is an immensely important aspect to our server. Not only can you use in-gam
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PLAYERS: 1/120

Hydro Vanilla SMP

Hi and welcome to Hydro Vanilla SMP! We are an 18+, whitelisted Vanilla server that strives to give you the best playing experience there can be! We don't make use of any game altering plugins, just administrative ones for the Staff team. We also make use of Dynmap so you can always see what your buddies are up to! We are an active community with over 450 Members on our Discord and we like to hang out in Minecraft, chill in Discord Voice Chat and play fun party games with each other on late fr
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Matecraft Server | Network

Matecraft is a growing Minecraft network that is very heavily focused on the community and gameplay. The servers are updated regularly and new content and features are added, we offer an immersive experience, with custom features and the following game modes; · Nexus - Matecraft's Hub and Arcade server.s Hosting a collection of Minigames, featuring; TNT Tag, TNT Run, Bomb Lobbers, Splegg, MiniWalls, Party Games, Temple Run, Prop Hunt, The Lab, BedWars, MateQuake, Survival Games, Parkour &
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PLAYERS: 1/100


We are fresh, we are new, we are friendly & peaceful! Welcome to Zero-Bit! We offer: ► Ranks, Crates, Voting rewards & Vote Party giveaways! ►Survival with plugins high in demand: ˃ Angel Death Chests ˃ Claims & Grief Defender ˃ Jobs ˃ Player Auctions & Chest shops ˃ Slimefun with addons & Infinity Expansion ˃ Terralith Overworld & Incendium Nether ►Skyblock with many plugins: ˃ Cube Gens ˃ Player Auctions & Chest shops ˃ Pyro Fishing ˃ Gems & Mobc
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PLAYERS: 1/100


WendyCraft es un pequeño servidor español de unos pequeños aficionados para minecraft al que todo el mundo puede entrar con muchas modalidad totalmente diferentes como: survival, partyminigames, tntrun… para la 1.16.5 hacia arriba! IP: wendycraft.aranyo.com Nuestras redes sociales: Discord: discord.gg/uesgjAA4Py Pagina Web: wendycraftweb.aranyo.com Tienda: wendycraft.tebex.io/ Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCiqZKNNcAaXoTevkSGR_myw Twitter: twitter.com/AranoBiel Instagram: www.instagram.com
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