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Address: tallcraft.com Owner: Tallcraft Last ping: 2 minutes ago Last sucessfull ping: 2 minutes ago Uptime this month: 100% Version: 1.8
Website: http://tallcraft.com
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24Rkjd6vkpE

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Tallcraft - a freebuild Minecraft server Published: 10 February 2012 T The Tallcraft Freebuild Server is an international Minecraft server This server is running for more than 2 years now! Our main goal on Tallcraft is to provide a good gaming experience that's why we make sure there are no issues disturbing it, like lags, crashes or players harrasing others. You can speak the language you want to speak, build wherever and whatever you want in every gamemode you want to play! As we want to keep the basic Minecraft, there won't be any annoying plugins or mods. Trade with other players, fight in arenas, build on the city in Creative or explore the wilderness in Survival! There is no whitelist or greylist so just get online and start playing! Worlds / Gamemodes: Survival Normal- + Nether- + Enderworld You can build everywhere you want and whatever you want. Creative: Plot-world Get plots automatically. You can even add your friends to build with you. Features Unique rank-system with over 80 ranks -> Level up by playing Economy + Shopsystem Live-support-system -> Just use /modreq to create a support-ticket 30 Slots 24/7 Uptime Griefing protection: Protect your property -> Lockable chests, doors, trapdoors and furnaces Fire-spread and TNT is disabled Anti-cheat -> Blocks all known hacks and cheats Block-history-plugin -> We log all player actions and are able to restore destroyed things Admin and/or staff online every day


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