⚡ Olympus ⚡ - [SMP] {Vanilla} {anarchy} {creative) {1.19} {Discord} Minecraft Server IP

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Paper 1.20.2

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Server IP - olympusmc.pro
Server Discord - Olympus Discord (#Rules available here)

About Olympus

Olympus is a welcoming server for those who are mature enough to be mindful of others but not let it interfere with having fun! A mature and respectful player base is our goal with all welcome!

We have three servers to play on! An anarchy hard-mode server for those who like PVP and the challenge of creating a base without it being raided. We have a creative server to test build on and we also have our classic semi-vanilla smp as described below with its own thriving economy!


We have plug-ins that add to the experience of Minecraft without taking away the essence of a survival server. You can work together or alone, build farms, towns or shops. You can protect your builds if needs be but still allow access to others so you can work together. Economy plug-in and shop signs to be able to buy and sell to others. Keep in touch with your friends on the server by using Discord for real-time chat! Crates to use if you wish to give you some much needed, hard to get, items to give a fair experience.


A true sense of community that will not tolerate griefers or those who would ruin anyone's experience of the game is our ultimate goal. Players who don't mind helping other players and staff who are always willing to listen to players. Feedback welcome on every aspect of the server! We need players who want to be part of Olympus and go with us on our journey to become a thriving server.


A place to not only keep in touch with those on Olympus in real-time but also a place to chat, have fun, give feedback and check the rules on both the server and the Discord itself.


We want to reward our long time players who - if they vote for our server - will unlock more ranks and perks. Plug-In commands become available the more you rank up. Some ranks available for purchase and all proceeds go towards running the server and buying more plug-ins as well as giving our players more features but nothing that would ruin a survival experience. Crate keys given out with each vote for our server.


As a newer server our players feedback will be pivotal in creating a welcoming place as well as providing a good Minecraft experience. We will take on board your feedback and be up front and open about any decisions we make that would effect your gameplay, i.e. new plug-ins, 'where is my donation money going?', staff changes, some player bans etc


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What is the Server IP for ⚡ Olympus ⚡ - [SMP] {Vanilla} {anarchy} {creative) {1.19} {Discord}?

The IP for the ⚡ Olympus ⚡ - [SMP] {Vanilla} {anarchy} {creative) {1.19} {Discord} is: olympusmc.pro

What Game modes can I play on ⚡ Olympus ⚡ - [SMP] {Vanilla} {anarchy} {creative) {1.19} {Discord}?

On ⚡ Olympus ⚡ - [SMP] {Vanilla} {anarchy} {creative) {1.19} {Discord} you can enjoy the following game modes:

What versions does the ⚡ Olympus ⚡ - [SMP] {Vanilla} {anarchy} {creative) {1.19} {Discord} server support?

⚡ Olympus ⚡ - [SMP] {Vanilla} {anarchy} {creative) {1.19} {Discord} currently supports versions: Paper 1.20.2