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Address: jakeandkeo.crafted.pro Owner: JakeShady101 Last ping: 14 minutes ago Last sucessfull ping: never Uptime this month: 0% Version:
Website: http://www.mineguild-economy.enjin.com

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Welcome to our great Economy/SMP/FreeBuild/Shops/RP Server. Where you build shops, ask for warps for your shop, protect you shop, advertise your shop and more! Like building cities, creating guilds! Making jobs and hiring players! The sky's the limit. (literally XD) You may also participate in various mini games we play on a daily basis (TNTRun, GunGame) Plus We treat our members with our full respect. Hopefully this server will grow and you will grow with it. Join Now Today!! You wont regret it! This is more like an Economy, SurvivalMP FreeBuild server with Shops and Guilds Come Join Now!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D In order to start your game up right and not be stuck at a low level, we offer 20 diamonds, 1000 cash, full iron armor, and iron tools on join to every new member to get that right spark up in the game because we care about our valued members!. Server Name: Mine Guild Server IP: jakeandkeo.crafted.pro Server Website: mineguild-economy.enjin.com Come Join Now And Play THIS GREAT SERVER! Great New Server! Mine Guild Join Now!!! [Owner] ~Jake


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