Jowland [Semi-vanilla] [Survival] {1.15.2} {Dynmap} {Shops} {Online Whitelist} {Discord} {Datapacks} Minecraft Server IP

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Paper 1.20.1

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Jowland - is a new vanilla based server inspired by Hermitcraft. Our goal is to build a friendly world-wide community that are not connected with the only one interest (minecraft) but much more than that. We are always open to new suggestions and ideas, we want players to be the main part of server and let them decide about big and further changes.

You can join by completing whitelist test that automatically adds you after successfully completing it. You don't have to wait for a response of A-team and you can immediately join and play on our server.

Server is almost untouched and still in progress as we are making sure to create a perfect experience of playing on our server.

We have a small but experienced A-team with years of experience running similar servers, that are always there to help you.

Server location: Europe (Czech republic)

Nether and End reset after 1.16 drops


Double shulker shell

Nether portal coords

Player and Mob heads

Features & info:

Our own website

Discord server

Dynmap (live server map with pregenerated world)

In-game features

Jowany's maze of anguish and despair (Mad maze - available after 1.16)

Hidden treasures around the spawn


Public shopping area (Bazaar and Riverside)


Daily challenges

Custom items

How to join:

Read our RULES

Complete the TEST

Play the game

You can contant us on Discord for more information or if you have troubles with test


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What is the Server IP for Jowland [Semi-vanilla] [Survival] {1.15.2} {Dynmap} {Shops} {Online Whitelist} {Discord} {Datapacks}?

The IP for the Jowland [Semi-vanilla] [Survival] {1.15.2} {Dynmap} {Shops} {Online Whitelist} {Discord} {Datapacks} is:

What Game modes can I play on Jowland [Semi-vanilla] [Survival] {1.15.2} {Dynmap} {Shops} {Online Whitelist} {Discord} {Datapacks}?

On Jowland [Semi-vanilla] [Survival] {1.15.2} {Dynmap} {Shops} {Online Whitelist} {Discord} {Datapacks} you can enjoy the following game modes:

What versions does the Jowland [Semi-vanilla] [Survival] {1.15.2} {Dynmap} {Shops} {Online Whitelist} {Discord} {Datapacks} server support?

Jowland [Semi-vanilla] [Survival] {1.15.2} {Dynmap} {Shops} {Online Whitelist} {Discord} {Datapacks} currently supports versions: Paper 1.20.1