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Address: play.extronuspvp.net Owner: PurPLeEPiC Last ping: 34 hours ago Last sucessfull ping: 33 days ago Uptime this month: 0% Version:
Website: http://extronuspvp.net

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Looking for a new home? Somewhere with plenty of options to keep you entertained? ExtronusPvP Network is waiting! Rapidly growing, always expanding, and full of new things to explore! I.) Want to simply play Minecraft with your friends on Survival? Want to go mining with them? xplore the world? Create awe inspiring builds for others to see? II.) Floating high above the void your island awaits greatness in Skyblock! Find out just how far you can build your own private island or invite your friends to expand with you! III.) Want to explore, build, raid, and defend? Factions welcomes you to contend with the best! Place bounties, be a bounty hunter, or build the ultimate bunker to withstand an enemy onslaught! IV.) Enjoy that feeling of hard labor and captivity in our Prison! 36 ranks to mine, shop, and scam your way through! Raise your own Gang within the ranks and dominate your fellow inmates. V.) Fight your opponents gathering buffs and debuffs according to your efforts! Kit PvP is the server you should play on if you wish to kill (maim or seriously injure) your adversaries! All supported with a full website, forums, and donation shop!


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