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Welcome to DeathForce!

Our staff are as follows:

Owner: MrMonkeyButt.

Co-Owner: ElXtrick.

Admin: sk8mark11, SoapInABox.

Mods: None atm.

Our mods are the most respectful and trustworthy they go by a set of rules to help you, them and the server.

We have a large selection of donation ranks, and they are as follows if you wish to see what perms they get, then you are going to need to get onto the server, the topic would be to large and to hard to make for me to include all of them:

Iron, Gold, Diamond, Obsidian, Emerald, Bedrock, Demigod, Wizard, Demon, Rouge, then you can make your own custom rank with all donation perms

The last section of this post about our wonderful server is the question you need to ask your self and that is, DeathForce right for me?

Well that's all up to you if you like pvp raiding and survial then this is the server for you. We ask if you join to register on our forums and have a nice day everyone!

See you in game.Additional NotesAlways up to date.


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What is the Server IP for DeathForce [Factions] [Raiding] [Griefing] [1.6.2]?

The IP for the DeathForce [Factions] [Raiding] [Griefing] [1.6.2] is:

What Game modes can I play on DeathForce [Factions] [Raiding] [Griefing] [1.6.2]?

On DeathForce [Factions] [Raiding] [Griefing] [1.6.2] you can enjoy the following game modes:

What versions does the DeathForce [Factions] [Raiding] [Griefing] [1.6.2] server support?

DeathForce [Factions] [Raiding] [Griefing] [1.6.2] currently supports versions: ?