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BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.20.x

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Cencraft has been providing players with laughs and a great experience since 2011. Our top priority is to ensure that our players have a good time, making the feel more like a community rather than just talking to random strangers online.
We have three server as well as server others in development. We currently have a Hub, Creative, and Survival server.

Our Hub server is a simple and easy way to access our other two servers without having to disconnect and reconnect. Connect to it using hub.cencraft.net

Our Creative server is a PlotMe server which allows you to be in creative mode as well as access to some commands in the popular plugin World Edit. You may claim up to two plots in which you can build to your heart's desire. If you want access to more plots or the ability to use more World Edit, you can donate to us at donate.cencraft.net
We also have a tutorial booklet made in case you are not sure about how to use World Edit. Connect to it using creative.cencraft.net or by using our hub server.

If your not much a builder but rather a survivor, then our Survival server is the perfect thing for you! We provide players with a server with everything you could need. We have factions where you can team up with your friends and defeat all whose pose a threat to your army! We also have a shop system where you can buy items that you don't feel like finding on your own. You can also sell items to earn money to buy even more items! You can also use some of the money you earn to reach higher ranks. We use a rank-up system which means there are multiple ranks you achieve by using In Game Money. The higher the rank, the more expensive it gets. Each time you reach a new rank you get access to new commands as well as access to new kits! Connect to it using survival.cencraft.net or by using our hub server.

If this didn't provide you with enough information, you can check out our website at cencraft.net! So what are you waiting for, head on over to hub.cencraft.net! We'll see you soon!


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What is the Server IP for [CENCRAFT NETWORK] ☆ [1.10] ?

The IP for the [CENCRAFT NETWORK] ☆ [1.10] is: hub.cencraft.net

What Game modes can I play on [CENCRAFT NETWORK] ☆ [1.10] ?

On [CENCRAFT NETWORK] ☆ [1.10] you can enjoy the following game modes:

What versions does the [CENCRAFT NETWORK] ☆ [1.10] server support?

[CENCRAFT NETWORK] ☆ [1.10] currently supports versions: BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.20.x