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Address: play.missingcraft.net Owner: Missingcraft (Unofficial) Last ping: 3 days ago Last sucessfull ping: 160 days ago Uptime this month: 0% Version:
Website: www.missingcraft.net

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Welcome to MissingCraft! Go missing! Release the stress! Don't forget to join our website, missingcraft.net , to get your first rank and read our rules! On MissingCraft we want to give the players a relaxing community where they can lean back and take it easy with some friends. And in our opinion, nothing is better than MineCraft Survival for that! For this, there might be a lot of reasons you want to join our currently young server. To start of, here is a few things we have to offer: NPC's, watch the world come alive! Real life details. Footsteps? Got it. Protection. We have several ways to keep you safe! We also offer your favourite plugins! Essentials, mcMMO, Towny and many more! Why not give us a try?


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