Kronic Zombie Survival

Kronic Zombie + Unlock Ranks + Unlock 3D Weapons + Raiding
+ Looting + PvP + Storage + More!
0/80 uptime

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Address: KronicZombie.net Owner: zachrywilsn Last ping: 5 minutes ago Last sucessfull ping: 5 minutes ago Uptime this month: 100% Version: 1.10.2
Website: http://www.kroniczombie.net
Video: http://youtu.be/88zDJn5zw0g

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pvp / custom 3d guns / looting / raiding / gangs / renting / ranks / horses / bank / trails / bounty / and a whole lot more! Kronic Zombie Survival is a Zombie Apocalypse Minecraft Server. This server is managed by NullBlox/ZachryWilsn. You can learn more about the server and how to play on the website located at: www.kroniczombie.com 3D Models by NullBlox created with Cubik Studio


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