cCraft [Survival 1.17] [Amplified 1.12.x]

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Address: www.ccraft.de Owner: c-eAgle Last ping: 2 minutes ago Last sucessfull ping: 2 minutes ago Uptime this month: 100% Version: 1.8
Website: https://www.ccraft.de

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Facts: http://facts.ccraft.de Server Map: http://map.ccraft.de Our Rules: http://rules.ccraft.de cCraft is a bilingual server: German and English. Our highest priorities are to stay as close to Vanilla Minecraft as possible while changing or adding only things with the intend to avoid frustration - for example, you do not lose your inventory upon dying (and thus there's no need to rage-quit when lava-bathing with some stacks of newly found Diamonds), which also makes it a quick way home. As a player you can create protections for your builds (best before you start building) without having to ask an Admin to do this - we call those areas Zones. You create your very first Zone (31x31) simply by placing down a Chest and can add more Zones as well as resize existing Zones via the use of a Golden Shovel (simply by right-clicking Zone corners with it). At the beginning your Zones are allowed to have an overall area of 2000 blocks - your first Zone (the one created by placing a Chest) uses less than half of it. And your area limit even increases by 500 blocks for every hour you played actively. Feel free to give your friends permissions to access your Buttons, use your Chests or even build/dig inside your Zones. You can play in our worlds (Overworld & Nether & Endworld) 99% as you would expect from Survival Singleplayer - only that there are other players, whose Zones can not be altered without permission. You may literally just log in and start playing, after a very VERY simple test to unlock yourself on our server, which you do in the very first room you find yourself in. After achieving that, turn around, for there is an automated Tutorial that accompanies you through your first steps and introduces you to some features you may or may not use - such as free Enderpearls at Spawn, which makes travelling in our Amplified terrain a little easier.


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