*** BRUTALFACTIONS *** (p0wer0wner
50% SALE ACTIVE! Raid event! 24th March!
28/300 uptime

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Address: Mc.BrutalFactions.Us Owner: Asura Last ping: 4 minutes ago Last sucessfull ping: 4 minutes ago Uptime this month: 99.7% Version: 1.8.8
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tq5PkI5-ZAY

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Survival PVP McMMO Factions

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I am the owner of Brutal-Factions and I am proud to say it is one of the best faction servers I have seen. We have: McMMO Good Affordable Ranks Auctions Brilliant Builds And Lots More Come Join Us At: Mc.BrutalFactions.Us! Thanks For Reading.


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