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Website: https://anestriacraft.enjin.com/

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AnestriaCraft is a rapidly expanding and ever changing server with an incredibly diverse player base, staff team, gameplay experience, and economy while still being stable and dependable, we hate lag too. Unlike many other servers, AnestriaCraft is able to keep an audience, ranging in all ages, while still keeping the server safe for younger audiences and still fun for the older crowd. AC members come from every walk of life with members of any race, creed, religion, non-religion, and country of origin. Our staff team is proud to have just as much diversity as the rest of the server, with ages from 16+ and members from all over the world. We have a substantial list of rules that are in place to protect players and their items on many levels. AnestriaCraft features a balanced, player-driven economy, an admin shop that encourages players to buy and sell to eachother. Lastly, our gameplay offers a wide variety of races and classes to suit any playstyle. 4 RPG-style races with several different classes make AnestriaCraft an engaging, fun, and unique place to play. Come play as Human Wizard and destroy the Orcish creatures who muddy up our greenlands. AnestriaCraft is open 24/7- come try us out!


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