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Valeoria 1.20.4

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Valeoria Network is a Minecraft Java server based in Australia that NEVER wipes/resets! We aim to end the pay-to-win features that Australian players have become too accustomed to with our free rank system. Read more below!

Valeoria Network offers an adventure-packed survival experience with an economy, McMMO, land claiming, dungeons, jobs, and much more! We currently provide an excellent survival experience and have plans to release additional game modes in the future, including Skyblock.

Some key offerings we currently include:

♦ Player markets
♦ Player warps
♦ Dungeons
♦ Digsite rewards
♦ Jobs
♦ Land claiming
♦ Non-pay-to-win rank system
♦ Non-pay-to-win rank shop
♦ Global perks
♦ Traveling Merchant
♦ A 60,000 x 60,000 block main world size
♦ A main world that never wipes, EVER.
♦ An alternative world that wipes with major Minecraft updates

...and much, much more!

What makes us unique? Our rank system! Rank up through 100 levels, all earned using in-game rank points. Earn RP through various server tasks such as jobs, dungeons, voting, and more. As you level up, you'll unlock more pages in our rank shop where you can purchase countless perks and abilities in exchange for in-game money.

What is the traveling merchant? I'm glad you asked! The traveling merchant randomly teleports around the world every hour and sells spawners for in-game money. He can be challenging to find, but well worth the effort!

Be sure to check out our randomly generated dungeon system, featuring custom boss battles that will challenge even the best players. These dungeons offer substantial rewards of money and RP when you defeat the final boss!

Valeoria Network is managed by a team of trusted, mature individuals with over 10 years of experience in this field. Some of you may even recognize us from our previous server! Our staff team is active daily and always here to answer your questions and consider your suggestions.

Tired of searching for a good Australian Minecraft server? This might just be your new home. Come check us out!


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What is the Server IP for Valeoria Network?

The IP for the Valeoria Network is:

What Game modes can I play on Valeoria Network?

On Valeoria Network you can enjoy the following game modes:

What versions does the Valeoria Network server support?

Valeoria Network currently supports versions: Valeoria 1.20.4