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SERVER IP: PLAY.SURVIVALREALMS.NET Teamspeak: PLAY.SURVIVALREALMS.NET SurvivalRealms is a new Towny server, striving to become the best, and most unique Towny server out there. We have a lot to offer you! Here's a list with some of the features we offer: Towny Create you own town or join an existing one! No need worrying about being raided, towns are peaceful settlements with the main focus on building and having fun! Job-driven economy Join a job that suits you! Then you just do whatever that job entitles and you get paid, simple as that! Chest protection LWC: Protect your doors, stored items, and their containers! Finally free of people stealing your stuff! Artifacts Enjoy our Custom Artifact system. Defeat evil monsters, collect fragments, and craft your powerful Artifact Tools and Weapons! Mobarena Our Custom Mobarena keeps you at your toes! Defeat our evil hard mobarena monsters, to collect artifact fragments, and much more! Rankups There's currently 14 ranks with different titles and perks unlocked each rankup. McMMO Bringing the MMO feel to Minecraft with different skills to lvl up in, adding a great deal of fun to the main aspects of the game! Custom plugins We're constantly creating new plugins to add new features for the server to make the gameplay as fun and unique as possible! With stuff varying from merchants to Custom Items and Enchantments! We have a lot to offer you. Check us out! PLAY.SURVIVALREALMS.NET


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