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Welcome to Sinister Realms! We are a new server with a lot of potential! This IP is for the hub server, we currently only have factions as the other server, we offer kit PVP on the hub server, with soon to be, Plotme! We had plotme but due to some errors we want to be 100% safe before launching it. We have parkour, kits any much more! Upon sponsers/donors we will be able to increase our player limit and begin to offer more! We are finally (just about) ready to open publically! We may have a few things needing completion but bare with us! Drop by and have some tea ;)


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What is the Server IP for Sinister Realms?

The IP for the Sinister Realms is:

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On Sinister Realms you can enjoy the following game modes:

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Sinister Realms currently supports versions: ?