Runsafe (Survival/Creative/PvP/Spleef/Wizard PvP)

Runsafe Minecraft [1.8.0-1.8.9]
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Address: minecraft.runsafe.no Owner: Runsafe Last ping: 2 minutes ago Last sucessfull ping: 2 minutes ago Uptime this month: 100% Version: 1.8.8
Website: http://minecraft.runsafe.no
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71R248NgOh0

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Team Speak: voice.runsafe.no The Runsafe server is open to anyone looking for new opportunities while playing Minecraft! We offer our players a range of activities from building in Creative, surviving in Survival, and other mini games you can spend time playing. Our server runs many custom built plug-ins to enhance your game play experience along with a dedicated team of professional staff ready to help you! Today: March 28th at 6:00 PM EST ~ 22:00 PM GMT We have a fun and exciting Capture the Flag event! Just show up to join us! Hope to see you there! What We Offer: Survival: - Free-for-all world enriched by features unique to Runsafe! - Smart Warp teleports you into a completely random location in the world, preventing spawn-camping. - Players can set multiple homes in the world, so you can always get back to your house! - PvP, PvE, TNT, Fire spread, etc. -- everything is enabled for a true Survival experience! - Griefing and raiding is allowed, bringing danger and excitement to the game! Players must outwit each other with hidden bases, traps and tricks to keep themselves safe! - Runsafe Bank allows players to safely store their most precious items away from their enemies. - Mail system gives players the ability to send items to each other. - Friends can form clans and battle other players to become the top ranked force in Survival! - In-game market offers unique items for players to purchase using special Runsafe currency. - Dergons (Naturally spawning, modified Enderdragons in the over world). Challenge and defeat these great beasts to obtain Dergon bones, which can be exchanged for special Dergon bone armour! Creative: - Are you sick of the limited space you have to build? Do you want to build something as tall as a skyscraper, or as long as the Golden Gate Bridge? Runsafe’s Creative world is just for you. Come to our Creative world to find hundreds or plots for you to build endless possibilities on. Your space is limitless! Add a friend or two to your plot, to help you, or go solo and build a masterpiece on your own. And don't worry about griefing, our back up system will make sure you masterpiece is always safe. Spleef: - Custom Spleef arena running on a unique Spleef Plug-in. - Matches start and reset automatically, just bring your friends and start spleefing! - No tools required to play, just punch a block once to break it! - Watchful staff eliminate pesky campers that bring games to a crawl. PvP: - Massive, self-contained PvP arena that exists separately from the Survival world. - No waiting for matches to start, just grab your gear and hop into the action! - Unlimited free gear for all players, so you'll never be left with no sword. - PvP Shop where players can purchase better items using PvP points earned in-game! - Ranking system keeps track of your skill level relative to other players! - Leader board keeps track of the highest ranking players, so you always know who's on top! - Chat broadcasts your kill streaks to show everyone when you start owning. Wizard PvP: - Are you bored with the regular PvP action? Do you want something different? Wizard PvP is the game for you. Wizard PvP is a custom built game where you fight each other with sticks. Yes, you heard me, sticks. These aren’t just any ordinary sticks. Use them to defeat your enemies with the control of the elements (Fire, Shadow, Ice, and Nature)! Will you be the Wizard? Come and find out! Extra Information: - Hourly backups with intelligent protection/rollback systems. - In-house development team for exclusive plug-ins. - Dedicated server with 24/7 uptime. - Friendly, professional staff/support team. What are you waiting for? Come and join us! Let us show you what a Minecraft community really is!


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