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Website: http://rivensoasis.org

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Riven's Oasis - • A list of voting links/sites can be found at http://rivensoasis.org/vote • 101x101 plotworld server with free /p merge. • FREE WorldEdit - vote on 6 sites for full WorldEdit for 48 hours! • Pets, Disguises, Trails, misc cosmetics all available free of charge! • How do I finance this server if these features that are usually paid features on other servers are free? Because I can. I operate completely not-for-profit - I take zero donations. I can sustain operations for as long as the hosting services don't go out of business. • I also have a whitelist-only modded creative, goto rivensoasis.org for more information. Former co-owner/head of staff of CreativeCraft.us aka CreativeCraft Network, resigned from there due to extremely stressful and heavy workloads. Ask any former or current staff about my performance. Despite the workload, I guarantee you wouldn't be disappointed.


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