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IP Address file_copy fiber_manual_record
Players 2/0 (expand_more)
Owner vgeffectzz
Website http://ngfactions.buycraft.net/

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-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- IP : ngcraft.nitrous.it -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Hello And Welcome To NGKItPVP We Are Still In The Deveopment Progress Of Our Factions And MiniGames Server But They Will Be Up As Soon As Possible , Our KITPVP Server Hold 2.5 GB Of Ram To Ensure That You Will Not Get Lag Ingame , The Server Is Hosted In The Uk So If You Are Currently In The Uk Then This Is The Server For You , The Server Hold up Well With Eu Visiters So There Is No Connection Lag For You Either , We Have Currently Recieved $152 In Donations With Is Deeply Appreciated We Are Using All The Money For The Server So We Can Keep It Going As Long As Possible , The Map Is Custom Build By Me ( vGEffectzz ) And My Builder Which Makes The Server More inspiring To Play On For Players As None Of The Maps Are Spawned In , We Are Nice Owners We Like To Be On As Much As Possible To Play With Players And Get To Know Them As Most Owners Are Very Iggnorant And Dont Talk To There Players , We Are Not Like That :P Our Server Website : http://ngkitpvp.buycraft.net/ Our Server Ip : ngcraft.nitrous.it | Or You Can Use This If The Custom Ip Doesnt Work For You : All Donations Are Appreciated To Keep The Server Coming , Come Join Today Thanks xD -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- What We Have To Offer As A Community We dont have a large variety of stuff to offer as a community but what we do have it; - Custom Made PvP Map - Crates - Treasure Chests - Custom Made Ranks - Various MIsc Items - Cool Ranks - Nice Staff - Owner Is On 90% Of The Time - 14 Vote Links To Get The Most Out Of Rewards - Friendly Players - Vote Crates - Dungeons - Cells - Vote Parties - Dps - Rank Giveaways -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- How Have we Grown As A Community Well we have grown quite rapidly as a community , we started of with around 5 players on at start but it differs at peak times and low times, we first started for fun messing around with builds and plugins then i suggested to my builder we try go big , so thats what we did and is what we are doing . We have worked on the server for a while now nearly a month to be exact and the time has been fantastic i have met some new people and got to interact with alot of players ingame and hear there side of what they think of the server , most people in the server like the way the spawn was built as it is built into the side of the mountain so you get a full view of the map and players . All In all the server has topped a sum of $279 in just 32 days compared to other servers that is alot. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- How Voting Works we have alot of vote links on our server 12 to be exact you can get 5 diamonds and $1000 for every vote you make this way you can use your diamonds to make some gear or you can just make them into blocks and just sell them , the voting helps both of us out as i get votes to make the server bigger so we can grow more as a community and you get slik rewards from voting , Okay so the voting was abit weak in my eyes so i thought i would boost the voting abit , now when you vote you wil recieve 1 voting crate and $1000 ingame cash , u can save up ur cash and buy urself a house or you can get yourself a cell -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Cool Plugins We Have we have quite alot of cool plugins on the server it self heres a list; [JumpPads] - jump pads are set at spawn as a yellow woold block when you stand on the block it send you flying into combat , we have a nice big custom built tree in the middle of the map so if you land on the tree you can secure it as a nice pvp spot to snipe and team on , my builder which has unfortunatly left due to problems with family suggested the plguin to me so i went and installed the plugins , many peopele on the server love the plguin as it makes it much easier to get into combat and they like flying in the air. [Soup] - when using /soup you will get a blidness effect for around 10 seconds , after the effect have worn off you will get giving 32 mushroom soups , when you are in combat you can simply eat the mushroom soup and it will give you 4 hearts back , its handy if you do not have potions or gapples. [LootBox] - Lootbox Is an alternative to crates , lootbox makes it much easier to get quick rewards out of crates without the actual use on needing a key to open it . the command we use is simple to remenber and all you have to do to open the crate is simply right click it on the floor and you will recieve mystery items im conflict with pvp , when you join the server you will recieve 1 loot crate just for joining the server it is that easy. [Trails] - trails is a very fun plugin to use it gives the ability to have trails coming out your player we offer alot of trails like; fire angry fireworks tnt any many more the trails cost $4 of the buycraft store , once you revieve the package you will beable to keep it forever , the trails look better if you have fly to go with it as it makes it more amusing to other players. [MobArena] - Mob arena is a fun minigame that sits you in a arena with a setup kit which you have to pick from the lobby and right click an iron block to signal that you're ready , once you are teleproted into the game you will be constantly swarmed by rounds and rounds of mods , its just like call of duty zombies but its minecraft. [Estate] - This fun plugin allows you to buy a house in the pvp arena to allow safety in your house noone else can enter your house unless you add them to your region , you can customize your interior as you please to fit your standards -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Our Maps the maps we have are all custom built by me and the ex builder we used to have , we take alot of pride and joy in the builds we make and we will carry on to make more build to satisy the players needs , any building comments we get from the players we get straight on to action to sorting them or building new structures , we like to make all our builds as detailed as possible as it catches the new comers eye and will make them want to stay longer and explore the server , all of the builds are doing in time as we like quality over quantity , the server likes to build big maps as it makes more space to build in , but the bigger the build the harder it is for detail but as a builder myself i like to squeeze everything i possible can into a build , we do take on builders from time to time to test them out see how good there building skills are so if you are a builder yourself and you want to test us to see how good you are at building just ask us and we will give you a plot of land and tell you to build something for us , if we like the build you have produced will we hire you as a Junior builder , if we are happy with your time and effort you put into the builds we will make you a global builder which means you get to take part in the all the new builds the server has to offer. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Vote Crates So alot of people wanted me to add vote crates which is basscialy where everytime you vote for my server you will get a crate , now the crate isnt going to always give you the best of stuff , sometimes you can get some op stuff and sometimes you wont , luck is not always on your side , there are 14 links to vote on so you have plenty of chances to get somethings good . The way i have done it so that all the links wont give you crates so its a lucky vote that will give you lucky stuff , clever huh ;) . Come and vote there plenty to choose from. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- New Things Okay so the map was looking boring and i mean like real boring so i thought i would spice it up alot more , me and my new builder decided to make a crossover between prison dungeons and kitpvp , we build a dungeon leading down a cave entry looking things and it leads into nearly endless tunnels which you can find chests , items , gear even buy some cells to store your loot in , do be carefull though as everyone is down there looking for loot , do remenber if you are going to buy a cell make sure you sethome in there as there are iron bars covering the cells. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Ranks We Have Sponsor Sponsor is the basic rank you can get on the server it offeres prot 1 diamond with some basic gear its all enchanted and it can still take out high donors and non donors if you have good pvp skills God God is the next rankup from sponsor it offers prot 3 and prot 2 diamond armour this is for the people that want to be op but cant really afford higher ranks, we have a few gods on our server. Immortal This is where you pvp experice rises alot , you get alot more op armour and sword and stuff, this is for the moderate pvpers. we have around 4 immortals OverLord This Is The Best Rank on our server , this is full of op stuff max enchants , we have around 8 Overlord on our server , at a price of $30 its worth it -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-


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What is the Server IP for ★[NGNetwork]★[KitPvPWithATwist]★[VoteCrates]★[NewDungeon]★[24/7]★[DungeonCe?

The IP for the ★[NGNetwork]★[KitPvPWithATwist]★[VoteCrates]★[NewDungeon]★[24/7]★[DungeonCe is:

What Game modes can I play on the ★[NGNetwork]★[KitPvPWithATwist]★[VoteCrates]★[NewDungeon]★[24/7]★[DungeonCe?

On ★[NGNetwork]★[KitPvPWithATwist]★[VoteCrates]★[NewDungeon]★[24/7]★[DungeonCe you can enjoy the following game modes:

What versions does the ★[NGNetwork]★[KitPvPWithATwist]★[VoteCrates]★[NewDungeon]★[24/7]★[DungeonCe server support?

★[NGNetwork]★[KitPvPWithATwist]★[VoteCrates]★[NewDungeon]★[24/7]★[DungeonCe currently supports versions: