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Looking for a great faction server with classic roots? Look no further..
Features -
10k Overworld size, 5k nether and end.
Factions mod installed and you can break obsidian with 5 TNT or Creeper Egg hits.
All players can use /sell anywhere they are and sell items from raids or farms.
All players can use kits daily.
PVP is custom! We feature old school combat mechanics to where your sword doesn't need to charge before swinging.
When you kill a player you take 10% of their balance!
Catch mobs with eggs.
Vote daily for crate keys and chance for a donor rank!
Kill mobs and earn money.
Lots of economy and MUCH MORE.
See you online at minecraftraiding.net


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What is the Server IP for MinecraftRaiding 24/7 PVP RAID?

The IP for the MinecraftRaiding 24/7 PVP RAID is: minecraftraiding.net

What Game modes can I play on MinecraftRaiding 24/7 PVP RAID?

On MinecraftRaiding 24/7 PVP RAID you can enjoy the following game modes:

What versions does the MinecraftRaiding 24/7 PVP RAID server support?

MinecraftRaiding 24/7 PVP RAID currently supports versions: ?