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Helvetia Network: JAVA & BEDROCK (crossplay)
Earth towny PVP|PVE  2 worlds economy and more!

Server Info:

- 2 Earths One PvE And One PvP Both Connected

- Pve Server Focuses On Crafting Farming Building Economy Social Growing Towns And Nations Property Markets Making Supplys To Sell To The PvP War Factions While Growing Your Own Empire The Way You Like

- PvP Server Focuses On Fighting Players Over Land Resources Spite Land Claiming Over Throwing Regimes And Looting Full On War And Sieges On Who Can Dominate The Earth While Unloading Loot Back Home In Your PvE Capitol And Restocking On Pots Armor Weps And Food To Head Back Out To The Front Lines

- There Is No 5 Animal Per Chunk BS (we want you to actaully  thrive)

- Seeds Have Been Removed From Crop Harvesting Instead Making It a Mob Drop (removes 30 dubs of seeds for 1 dub of wheat plus seed market woo)

- Ability To Use t/n spawn for towns and nations will not have a upkeep (sorta bs to have fees)

- Nations Only Cost 1000 To Make

- Town Plots To Claim Is Only 10

- NO Overclaim If You Had Enough People To Claim It At One Point You Wont Lose it

- 90 Day Inactive Town Kick No 30 Day Bs

- /lottery global Lottery That Players Can Buy Into And Win Big 😄

- Villager Shops Allowing You To Have 1-infinite Rows To Buy/Sell Items Along With Storage Space

- A Proper Economy Focused On Not Having Poverty 2.0 Thats Broken Asf

- Bosses With Really Op Loot Tables (Good Luck 😄 )

- Netting Animals/Mobs Ability to Capture Any Creature With A Net Showing Its Stats And Portable Way To Sell Your Creatures Without Getting Scammed (imagine The Insane Horse Breeding And Rare Skele and Zombie Horses)

- "Coins" A Special Item That Allows f2p and p2p To Both Have Access To The Same Admin Shop To Buy Nets Op Villager Shops Elytria Wings Warp Books And Premium Status All Possible For All Players 😄

- We Are 1.20 We Actaully Got Camels And Cherry XD

- Over Haul Of Custom Crafting Recipes

- Every Mob Has A Custom Drop Table 

- Ability To Get /hat Without Premium Through A /hat Book

- Ability To Store Exp With /bottle Store Amount

- Spawners Able To Silk Touched Ingame Naturally And Added To Admin Shop

- Fishing Now Rewards You Random Goodies (Gotta Fish To Find Out :p )


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What is the Server IP for Helvetia Network?

The IP for the Helvetia Network is: play.helvetianetwork.com

What Game modes can I play on Helvetia Network?

On Helvetia Network you can enjoy the following game modes:

What versions does the Helvetia Network server support?

Helvetia Network currently supports versions: ?