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About Us: FlashGamers Organization (FGO) is a new gaming community which is beginning to slowly grow. We started ourselves here on Minecraft and would love for more people to join us in our everlasting expansion. We aim not only to become a larger community but one where you will have everlasting friends. We currently have 6 concurrent members and are slowly growing and developing ourselves. Since this is our communities first official game server as a unit we have been working hard to ensure everyone has a great time and loves their player experience. We don't have that many plugins only ones that improve your base player experience. We like the old Minecraft the one where you and your fellow companions build amazing structures and designs and have an amazing experience. Community Information Server Name: FlashGamers Semi-Vanilla Experience Server Address: Version: 1.12.2 Website: http://flash-gamers.com/ Community Rules 1.) No harassing or bullying other players 2.) No griefing or stealing from other players. 3.) As Riddick once said. "You keep what you kill" 4.) Keep vulgar language out of chat 5.) No cheating or using any hacks 6.)Enjoy yourself in our world of wonders.


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