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Many Years ago a Final Fantasy 8 server was created, many Fans from across the world joined together to make a thriving fan community, and achieve
many great feats.

but, all great things... must come to an end...

Earlier this year, we began a major overhaul of Balamb Garden nearly doubling its size. During the rebuild, we decided to also Revive the Final Fantasy community, in hopes it will once again stand tall.

Leading the charge in the revival is Seifer! aka HyperionCross
2nd is Ifrit aka Brodej669
3rd is the OG founder and Creator of the FF8 world, Squall aka MetalGear

yes we all choose final fantasy names. no duplicates! =)

Our master builder in charge of the Balamb remodel is RoRo aka Basch.
I dont normally let people touch my precious Balamb, but basch has proven himself worthy of detail and scale with extensive research.
Seifer and I help where we can but this new beauty will be a Baschful one. Excited to see where the future will lead to. If anyone is a fan and would like to take on a project, please feel free to join or hang out!

We have a few that have joined our ranks with amazing building skills helping with the rebuilds and love of the games. so if your a fan of final fantasy, still enjoy MC, building, Creating, mastering your craft. or just want of hang out! this is the place for you!

join the discord! ----------> [​size=18px][​/size]

Soon we are planning to Have a touring system for the FF8 world, where all players can come hang out and tour all the builds. We plan on doing many remodels of the original build in hopes to 1 day take the server to the next level! from tours, to interactive.

Seifer also runs a Kingdom Hearts server. he has spent many years on his project, on an impressive custom-made map, with many awesome features. join the discord for more info!


Future Plans
- Re-model Flagship build Balamb Garden - 20% (Basch, Squall, Seifer, Fujin)
- Design a tour system linking all builds on map to the story - 0% (N/A)
- redesign weapons, summons, & mobs according to FF8 mobs - 5% (Seifer)
- Design a Interactive system for players to battle/Level/Magic Spells and match storyline - 0% (N/A)


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What is the Server IP for Final Fantasy 8 Server (Remodeling) Discord Available?

The IP for the Final Fantasy 8 Server (Remodeling) Discord Available is:

What Game modes can I play on Final Fantasy 8 Server (Remodeling) Discord Available?

On Final Fantasy 8 Server (Remodeling) Discord Available you can enjoy the following game modes:

What versions does the Final Fantasy 8 Server (Remodeling) Discord Available server support?

Final Fantasy 8 Server (Remodeling) Discord Available currently supports versions: Paper 1.20.4