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We are excited to introduce our incredible Minecraft Network server called EternalsMC! Here's what we have to offer:

Fully customized Survival 🌲: Experience survival like never before in our custom world. You don't need mods, just come and play.

Technical Survival PvP ⚔️: Do you like strategy and combat? Our Technical Survival PvP is perfect for you.

Vanilla 🧱: For Minecraft purists, we have a Vanilla world waiting for you.

SkyWars ☁️⚔️: Fight in the sky with other players in our exciting SkyWars mode.

Our server is full of content and we are always adding more. We hope to see you soon on EternalsMC! 🎉🎮


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What is the Server IP for EternalsMc?

The IP for the EternalsMc is:

What Game modes can I play on EternalsMc?

On EternalsMc you can enjoy the following game modes:

What versions does the EternalsMc server support?

EternalsMc currently supports versions: EternalsMC