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Website: https://discord.link/enderscape

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Enderscape is a semi-vanilla survival server, aiming to deliver a friendly community and a quality Minecraft experience. Features of the server include: • Ranking system - complete quests to rank up and receive commands and more. 28 ranks total! • Guilds - form a guild and fight wars with other guilds for rewards! • Player Warps - create a warp to your own shop or farm that other players can teleport to. • Chest Shops - create a chest shop to sell your unwanted items to other players. • Jobs - earn extra by joining a job (for example, woodcutter, miner, etc.). • Player Vaults - keep your money, experience and items safe in your personal vaults. • Creative Plots - sick of survival? Claim your own 100x100 plot to build on! • Other features include McMMO, land claims, VeinMiner and no phantoms.


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